10 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Deal With Constant Changes in Technology

With every change in technology, we have to work extra hard to adapt and embrace it. We also have to deal with information overload and filter out what is not helpful to our business. Innovation and technology is a process that won't stop any time soon thus coping up with the changes is essential for every business. Continuous learning and support on technology is one of the ways businesses can deal with the changes.

Here's how entrepreneurs and business owners cope up with constant changes in technology.

#1- We identify the changes and what they mean

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Dealing with technology changes has to be a part of your ongoing business strategy. We make sure that we dedicate time each week to identify such upcoming and current changes, as well as what they mean for our clients and us. We then identify if this means a difference in our various strategies or not. Emerging technologies can mean better systems and processes for your business as well as better opportunities; it's all about being adaptable.

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#2- Stepping away from technology

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The ONLY way to deal with constant changes in technology is by blocking out time on your schedule to step away from technology. It sounds counter-intuitive, but the reality is that in order to evaluate or adopt new technology, or manage changes, you have to think about WHY you're using that technology and WHAT it will do for you. Over the last year, I've been blocking out my Friday's to work on initiatives such as technology and today, our organization is more organized and efficient than ever before. But it's because we took time away from the computer to stop & think about how we wanted to do things and then evaluate the tools.

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#3- Two ways

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There are some changes in technology which are distractions and others that I need to stay up to date with. On the social networks I post on consistently, I create Google alerts and follow key influencers to hear what is working and the way the algorithm is changing. There are other changes in technology that are simply distractions. I am happy with my CRM and my camera equipment for recording videos. I actively tune out information on those two subjects because it's not the most valuable use of my time.

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#4- Understanding the future

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I think the trend of a constant change in technology is only going to accelerate. This means that business leaders need to understand the limits and future of technology but how it can affect the future of their business model, identify areas of revenue compression and identify areas of value add and revenue growth. The end result is that business leaders need to understand the future is going to be more fluid and constantly evolving.

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#5- Read current technology articles

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Technology is amazing and we would be nowhere without it. But at times, it can be a huge pain when it comes to keeping up with how often it changes. It seems that every day there’s a new update for your computer that’s better and faster. A new social media networking app that can advance your marketing. It can be difficult to keep up with if you aren’t doing the right things. My best advice is to read current technology articles. They can lead you to develop new styles of marketing and advance the current tools you use. Online app stores can also help you with the charts they release. The Apple and Windows app stores will keep your laptop, phone, and tablet all up to date with the most recent apps.

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#6- Taken advantage of it

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Technology has been advancing at an unbelievable rate for the last two decades. This shouldn't be a surprise for any business owner, rather something to be taken advantage of. Unless you are a fortune 500 company you won't be able to afford new tech every time it rolls out. You need to look closely at what technology gives your business an advantage in the market place and invest your money there. If it doesn't aid your competitive advantage, it can probably wait or may not be something you need.

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#7- Keep an open mind to the changes

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Given the rapid advances in technology, as a business owner, you have no choice — you must stay up to date and constantly be on the lookout for how the latest technology creates new opportunities for your business. It is hard to stay on top of all the relevant advances in technology on your own, given the large number of things that you have to do to keep your business running. I recommend subscribing to relevant newsletters from companies in your business sector. It also helps to have an IT specialist on staff, or at least on call, who you can bounce ideas off of from time to time. The bottom line is that you need to keep an open mind to changes in technology. If you don't, you will be passed by your competitors who take advantage of those opportunities.

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#8- Make small, quick, incremental changes

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When it comes to technology, change needs to happen fast. With the rapid pace of technological innovation, If a technological change takes too long to implement within an organization, it can become irrelevant very quickly. Leaders need to throw away the “wait and see” approach to implementing technologies and instead commit to making small, quick, incremental changes that create momentum so that it’s possible to confront future disruptions on the organization’s terms. For leaders struggling to adopt this approach, there are numerous tools available that can help implement changes faster as well as assist in user adoption, automation, tracking, and reporting.

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#9- Training sessions and adjustments

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Dealing with this change can sometimes be a hardship, affecting everything from business to relationships, but if you take it in baby-steps it's easier to manage. If change happens too fast, we might react badly, maybe even quitting our job in order to not have to deal with it. But if we ease into the change, getting used to it through compartmentalization, then the change isn't such a big deal. With technology, it's a lot the same. Have training sessions to introduce new tech – and make sure the old tech is still available. Offer an adjustment period where you can use the old and the new tech and be okay if you don't jump on the bandwagon right away. If it's really a good piece of tech, chances are you'll swap out on your own eventually.

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#10-Being ahead of the curve

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When it comes to technology, businesses that want to reach or maintain their position of leadership in a market have to be ahead of the curve. Technologies take time to be implemented into a business, which is why you need to stay aware of any new technology that could benefit your company. Once the technology is already used by a competitor, it's already too late. For example, banks should have embraced financial technology at its birth. Now they are struggling to catch up and keep up with their competitors. Keep an eye out, go to events and read about technology is the least you can do as an entrepreneur.

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