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How to Look Professional Online

“Perception is reality,” the saying goes and if you want people to perceive that your business is professional, you must convey that to them online. Here are three simple steps to make your business looks professional online: 1. Launch your own website. Although Facebook is an effective platform for connecting with leads, prospects, and customers, you should use it in ...

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What Your Website Must Have “Above the Fold”

Website designers use the phrase “above the fold” to refer to the area a user sees without having to scroll on their device, such as a computer, tablet or mobile screen. Research shows that you don’t have a lot of time to convey your message to online visitors before they decide if they will scroll down to view more content ...

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Why Social Media Is A Big Factor For The Growth Of Your Business

Thinking of using social media for your business? Well, you should! A lot of businesses can benefit from the versatility of social media for creating awareness towards their brand and company. Let’s take accountants, for instance. Many accountants use social media for their business as a way to be present online where the like-minded linger. Social media can start and ...

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12 Entrepreneurs Explain What Marketing Will Look Like in 2013

With the year coming to an end there are several things for entrepreneurs to consider. What steps they will take next year to manage the various aspects of their job, and what new business owners will watch for when working their way into the market. As with each passing year there are changes to strategy – namely marketing. What trends ...

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Entrepreneurs Explain Future Marketing Trends [ANSWER]

Business owners should know that marketing is extremely important. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, text messages or direct mail, entrepreneurs and business owners should know it’s not just about building it and hoping they come, it’s about building it and telling everyone that you can that it’s there. Just as business as usual is no longer business as usual, marketing ...

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80+ Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners [Answers]

Marketing is extremely important to businesses. As good as a product is, it’s important that entrepreneurs and business owners are able to promote their products to potential customers and clients. Rescue a CEO and CEO Blog Nation asked entrepreneurs to provide their 3 best marketing tips and advice. Among the most popular tips are networking, video and content marketing. Maintain ...

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6 Different Ways to Promote Your Business

If you would like to market your business so that you can reach a wide audience, then you need to take a look at the different options that are available to you. One of the best ways that you can connect with your target market is to use the different ways that people use to communicate with each other like ...

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30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Post [INFOGRAPHIC]

“Build it and they will come” might be something that some people believe, but it is not necessarily the truth. No matter how great your post or even products and services are, entrepreneurs and business owners have  to promote and market all of their hard work. Launch Grow Joy, provides tips for writers to promote their blog posts. Related Posts: ...

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The Future Because of Google +1

Recently, Google made head ways once again for introducing the Google +1 Button. This might be a competition to Facebook and it’s like button. Is this a game changer? What does this mean for business?   Q: What does Google +1 mean for business?  As a marketing consultant, I think the biggest benefit to Google +1 is relevance.  The way ...

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Your Company Sucks (Book Review)

Title: Your Company Sucks By: Mark Stevens Date: To be released August 2011 Pages: 208 Twitter Review: Quick read on how to save your biz & thrilling clients. Not in-depth, but good info to get you to focus on company problems. Complete Review: This is the latest book in the series of “Your [blank] Sucks.” The title is very direct and gets ...

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