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How To Make Sales In A Tough Economy

Getting the knack of making sales takes time. It doesn’t matter of the economic environment is booming and you have read all there is to read about sales. Until you’ve been tested and seen the methods at work then all you have witnessed is little more than theory. When you are finally out on the road or in the office ...

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Featured Post: How-to Build an Agile Sales/Marketing Team: The Necessary Tools

The sales and marketing team, in this day and age, is really only as effective as the tools you give them to complete the tasks. You could have someone that could sell you on anything or promote products like no tomorrow but if they’re held back due in part to their tools and resources you’re hitting a glass ceiling in ...

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Business Owners Explain The Best Sale They Ever Made

It the world of sales there can be a lot of different goals. You might have a client you work on for years to get signed up or an older client that you have to please each and every year so they remain satisfied with your company. As with anything in business, sales can sometimes before fairly stale. Though now ...

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Entrepreneurs Explain Why Sales Is Important In Business

Certain words bring to mind the idea of business. Customers, products, and the key word of ‘sales’ are all words which make you instantly think of business. The idea of sales is almost synonymous with business. For some companies it is what drives their business in the first place. Their product is sales. Other companies use sales only when needed ...

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Three Ways to Motivate Other Companies to Sell Your Product

Every business – despite size and scope – strives to profit from the respective products or services it offers to the market. While an organization may have a solid marketing plan in place and a second-to-none sales team, building solid relationships with other businesses and incorporating them into the sales strategy is an important way to further your chances of ...

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3 Vital Skills You Must Possess As an Entrepreneur to Get Clients

What differentiates you from other entrepreneurs in your field are the skills or qualities you possess that they don’t have or the qualities they have that you do not possess; either way there are some qualities that you, as an entrepreneur, must have to succeed in your business. The following are the 3 vital skills you must possess as an ...

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Four Free Ways to Generate New Business

You can still generate leads with a limited marketing budget. Many companies are “shoestring” businesses and in the start-up phase it is important to maximize ROI and obtain new business without investing a lot of money. Here are four affordable ways to generate leads: 1. Build your prospect list with a Value Offering. You want to capture the name and ...

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