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Experiential Errors: The Biggest Marketing Mistakes

When it comes to the world of marketing, businesses are constantly striving to stay ahead of the competition. As the industry moves away from traditional promotional tactics and experiential marketing strategies continue to grow in popularity, guaranteeing you get the most out of your event is essential. From preparation to execution to follow up, every aspect of your event has ...

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A Philosophy, a Dream, and a Creative Agency: iLoveGoldie & iNexxus

Francesca Abony had an idea she wanted to share with the world: an idea as simple as recycling, and as practical as reusing; especially when applied to the fashion industry. Francesca’s mission was to promote the eco-friendly lifestyle as she believed that everyone can afford it, if only they knew where they could find a store or a restaurant with ...

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Why You Need To Ditch the Elevator Pitch

Entrepreneurs are masters of the elevator pitch. From the moment a business idea hatches, to the creation of an actual plan, we love to condense a major concept into a bite-sized morsel. That sound bite is then tossed around at networking events, casual encounters or anywhere else we feel a sense of urgency to get our message across. I’m not ...

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5 Tips for Growing Your Business Through Marketing

Marketing, or promoting your business, is an ever-evolving and growing need for all business owners. Without marketing, your business will most likely fail or fade away. Yet, marketing is one of the biggest challenges for businesses, small and large. How can businesses, especially small businesses who have limited budgets, actively market their business? Marketing comes in many forms and budgets. ...

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The Importance of Hiring Franchise Consultants in 2015

When building a franchise organization, there is a transition process that takes place within the management ranks of the business. As a franchise organization matures, say with 60 or more units, depending on the business, there will be a portion of the management team that is devoted specifically to the management of the franchisees. People and positions that are entirely ...

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6 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Are Preparing for Super Bowl Sunday

While it’s not an official holiday, many people treat it as if it is. Super Bowl Sunday is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses to leverage a very popular event to promote their brand and their products and services. While it might be using social media, creating a motivational message or running a sale or campaign, it is clear that some ...

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Tips to Leverage Your Social Media Marketing Thanks to Super Bowl

It’s already Wednesday and just 4 days left to the Big Game – the biggest sport and advertising event of the year, but also the hottest time in social media. If you want to leverage social media to increase the awareness of your brand, it’s high time you start. Based on my experience and on data from Sotrender social media ...

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Finding Ways to Effectively Market Your Service Business

Customers are the bread and butter of your business. Marketing is what brings them in. It stands to reason that as a business owner, you need to learn how to market effectively. The question is, “What is effective marketing?” It is marketing that gets you results. This can be any type of marketing that works for you, like networking or ...

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‘Marketing and Sales’ not ‘Marketing to Sales’

Life might be unkind. The chips may be down. Sales may be slow. But it doesn’t change the simple point that marketing is everything. What that means is you can’t ignore the marketing aspects of everything you do and, in the age of the Internet, the battle for marketing supremacy is fierce. The Internet has also spawned a new age ...

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Everything You Need to Know About A Promotional USB

A Promotional USB is one of the best products out there to consider for your promotions. But before we get into promotional USBs, think about the promo products that you think would truly build your brand. Do they cater to your clients? Do they offer the best help and are they worth their time? Promotional products should always work for ...

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