20 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Stay Healthy

Entrepreneurs work hard than almost any other group of people in the world. With all of the hours that entrepreneurs clock and the stress that accompanies running their own ventures, entrepreneurs typically have difficulty finding time to be healthy. Health is more than a jogging to work everyday. Health can be defined according to physical appearance, but also emotional and mental health should not be neglected.

Here are a few tips that entrepreneurs can incorporate to be healthier:

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  • Pay attention. It sounds obvious, but sometimes being healthy also means you need to be aware of what things you are eating or what avoidable things might increase your stress level.
  • Go for a walk (or “Run Forest Run!”). A 10 to 15 minute walk can do so much to reduce your stress level. It doesn't have to be a triathlon. A short walk can be used to clear your head and recharge your batteries.
  • Work out in the morning. Morning exercisers have increased energy, better moods, eat better and sleep better.
  • Take short breaks during the work day. If you just completed a major task, take a 10-15 minute break (or better yet #3) and take a breath or meditate.
  • Plan. Plan. Plan. Peace comes from people knowing that everything is going according to plan.
  • Eat healthy snacks. Keep healthy snacks (like almonds) by your side to boost your energy and increase your concentration throughout the day.
  • Drink water. Lack of water can lead to dehydration which can sap your energy and focus.
  • Develop a routine. Similar to #6, when you have a daily routine it helps you to focus on things that are more important.
  • Make your health a priority.  If its not a priority to improve your health, any changes you make won't last.
  • Delegate. Even heroes need help. Entrepreneurs don't have to do EVERYTHING.
  • Eat Breakfast. People who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. It also helps entrepreneurs recharge their batteries.
  • Move. Don't sit still, whenever you can move around. Take the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator.
  • Eat more grains, fruits and vegetables. Want more energy? Heed mom's advice. Don't forget your vitamins.
  • Meet on the court or the field or… Instead of having a meeting in the conference room, why not go to the golf course or the tennis court?
  • Surround yourself with a team. As with your venture, entrepreneurs need to have a positive team that will help you meet and maintain your health goals.
  • Sleep. The 5 letters are a curse word for most entrepreneurs, but getting sleep is vital to your longevity and the longevity of your venture. Also, every once and a while skip the alarm clock.
  • Get social. You don't have to go out for happy hour every day, but you can challenge one of your friends to Words with Friends or talk to your friends on Facebook.
  • Balance. Even though you are in the process of saving the world, your family and friends want to see you and so does the sun. Work hard and play hard.
  • Clean. Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space (e.g. the office) to assure the health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.
  • “Me” Time. Ensure that you schedule some time to do what you enjoy or like to do. You can't work on your business 24/7 forever.

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  1. I own 7 businesses related to movie stunts and special effect. You'd think that kind of work would you keep you healthy, but as the owner, the first 80 hours of each week go towards office work. After another 20 to 40 hours on set, there simply isn't time for exercise. So I turned my office time into full time work out time.

    Here's how I've added 20 miles a week to my excersise routine, up from zero, and found myself thinking more clearly at work. Mac 27 mounted to Nordic Track. HD cam and mic too. 8+ hours of walking every day, no sitting. It's been two weeks, and I'm amazed how much better I feel. I strongly recommend this if you're feeling slugish or want to push back your aging.

    I sent a link to a photograph of the rig.

    My primary business website is

  2. Meditate Daily.Avoid the hurried and scattered “grab a few minutes here or there” approach. When beginning a practice that will benefit you for a lifetime you need to make a commitment.

    Find a regular time each day you can devote to your spiritual growth, regardless of other demands or priorities. This may mean you wake up earlier every day to meditate for twenty minutes before the kids are stirring or routine responsibilities are calling (or prior to bed or during lunch time)? Consider what is best for you and commit to it for 90 days – adjust if necessary, but honor your promise to yourself. Give yourself a high level of permission to enjoy and experience your personal and spiritual growth!

    1. You want to find a spot (in your home or garden preferably) where you will meditate every day. The energy of this space is dedicated to your spiritual pursuits and self calming. You can still fulfill your daily practice when traveling. Carry a meditation cushion or a 12”X 18” piece of white wool which will become infused with your energy and remember to ground and own the room for yourself.

    2) A common practice if you feel you need nourishment is to have a cup of Chai or a small amount of fresh fruit so you remain in the bliss zone. Heavy meals will draw the blood and prana (life force energy) out of your head and into your lower chakras, meditation is about lifting up into the upper chakras, and enjoying the seven chakras above your head (?checking there are 7 above the head?). This is so much fun when it all the energies are in sync!

    3) Intentionally create a beautiful, simple space. Experienced yogis and yoginis enjoy a meditation shawl and cushion, but it is just as appropriate to sit upright in a chair with a cozy afghan wrap. Remember, these are dedicated moments of special connection with your sacred self. Give yourself permission to be completely comfortable and supported. When dealing with chronic pain, and in this case only, lying meditation is a good choice. I don’t recommend this posture for others because lying down is the position for sleep so it then becomes sleep, not meditation … of course sleep is wonderful and necessary but that is not the goal of meditation. Those who chose the lying down form must be extra diligent to stay present and alert!

    4) Avoid: Self criticism and perfect pictures. 
Ouch! These are the pictures of having to “be perfect,” getting it right, or expecting to be an expert immediately or during every meditation session. If you tell yourself you can’t meditate, then you will fulfill that command, but let me reassure you that everyone can meditate.

    Best: It’s like exercising a muscle – the more often you work out, the stronger your muscles get. Likewise the more you practice meditation – the key word here being “practice” (not “perfect”) – the stronger and easier your practice will become. Remind yourself you are in the learning/adapting phase and that you love the sacred time spent in meditation.

    I provide you with beautiful guidance on the meditation tapes. Within a few days or weeks you will remember all the steps and we can enhance your personalized meditation program.

    Relax, enjoy, have and fun. This is not serious stuff. It is the fuel for bliss, happiness and deep connection with yourself, the god of your heart and all others! How wonderful for you to have come to a place in your journey where you can receive this gift of self love, care and awareness!

    You are a radiant being of light and your miracle starts today!

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