Five of the Best Principles to Keep You and Your Employees Motivated

It doesn’t really matter what you sell, build or invent; your company can’t be productive without motivated people. Managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs are well-aware that engagement is crucial in the workplace. But what do you do when if all of a sudden your organization’s productivity levels start declining? Who’s to blame? It is fundamental to make employees feel that they belong with your company. Here are 5 principles to help you maintain motivation in the office.


  1. Persuade employees to leave their comfort zone

How do you convince employees to speak their minds, participate and eventually leave their comfort zones? Very few workers want to do the exact same thing over and over again for the rest of their careers. As the owner you shouldn’t hesitate to grant them other tasks. Extra assignments will help with their professional growth; they’ll feel more confident and self-assured in their abilities and they won’t panic in case they make a mistake or can’t fix an issue.

  1. Information is key

If you want your people to work at their fullest potential you should keep them informed. Company leaders must have a crystal clear perspective of the things their employee can and can’t do. It pays to talk to them; managers take a lot of things for granted and that involuntarily affects bottom line. They make assumptions and they often don’t realize that workers may have issues understanding certain things. It is important to communicate with your people if you want them to give their best. Spreading the word lets people know what’s going on. It always helps to tackle issues ahead of time, as well as find solutions to get things done a lot faster.


  1. Treat your employees as adults

Your employees are mature people who don’t need supervisors to tell them what to do every five minutes. Treat them with the utmost respect if you want them to be productive. Every business has its ups and downs, and it’s literally impossible for things to go smooth on a daily basis. It is important to deal with issues in a mature way; don’t scream and shout at your people and try to find the root of the problem first. This will help you to come up with viable solutions without having to affect the company bottom line.

Show your people respect and understanding and you’ll get the exact same thing in return. Don’t keep them in the dark because this will only have a negative impact on the overall productivity of your company.

  1. Challenge employees

Every job comes with different responsibilities, and some are less pleasant than the others. It is fundamental that you balance pleasurable tasks with challenging ones. Let them take charge and don’t hesitate to offer constructive criticism. This will compel them to strive harder, and if they feel that there’s potential working for you, they won’t be in a rush to leave. Rather than scream and shout because they haven’t managed to complete a certain task, it’s best to organize weekly meetings to discuss such concerns. It will make employees have more trust in you.

  1. Be a role model

CEOs and entrepreneurs should be roles models for their workers. It is important for them to see that you’re a hard working individual. Don’t arrive late in the office and don’t adopt a bossy attitude. This won’t increase their engagement level; on the contrary, you’ll scare them away and they won’t hesitate to quit as soon as they’ve found a better paid position. If you’re new to the business world and don’t know how to keep employees motivated, you could hire guest speakers.


Motivational speakers can do a lot of good to your company bottom line. These professionals have the power to persuade without forcing people to accept their advice. They’re experts in the field of activity and they could boost engagement. Hire the best speakers to drive your workers to success and before you know it your business will thrive.  Whether you have a small start-up or a massive corporation, it’s never too late to showcase your appreciation toward the staff. You care for their wellbeing, but you have to tell them; otherwise they’ll lose interest.

This guest post is courtesy of William Taylor.

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