Entrepreneurs! How Do You Stay Healthy?

Entrepreneurs work harder than almost any other “profession.” Due to the number of hours that entrepreneurs work, it can be difficult to maintain health. It is extremely important that entrepreneurs schedule and plan for their health.

1) Go To The Gym & Drink Tea

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Tip 1: Take time out of your day to go to the gym. There is nothing harder than trying to get to the gym before or after work. Take an hour out of your work day to work out. It's a great time to do some thinking without the interruption of phones, emails, and employees. Tip 2: Drink more tea. A big temptation in the office is to drink coffee after coffee. Invest in some good teas, and a teapot as a healthier alternative.”

Thanks to James Richardson, Optimising!

2) Use Outlook to Stay on Track

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It’s difficult to stay on track with a good training schedule when you have lots of demands as a busy CEO, manager or business owner. I use Outlook to schedule in all my training and keep two mornings free for personal training sessions each week during work time to really make sure I am accountable. This stops me from taking time away from my training and as a result keeps me healthy and sharp. My business flourishes well because I’m fit. Try it for a month and you will see that your productivity will improve in your business.

Thanks to Michelle Allen, CEO, Webstuff!

3) Make A Choice

Everything about being an entrepreneur comes down to choice, including our health. I know, I know, ‘I am too busy creating stuff to be healthy,' but, you are going to make a choice about when and what you are going to eat anyway, so why not choose to go to Subway, instead of McDonald's? Choose the soup over a toasted Cheese Sandwich. You made the choice to be an entrepreneur. Kudos to you. Now make the choice to eat more healthy, it will be the easiest, most productive choice you have made in your busy day.

Thanks to Emma Monro, Your Online Sales Manager!

4) Use A Fit Ball

Instead of sitting on a store bought chair that offers little or not support for the spine replace it with a fit ball. You cannot really slump, so your posture is more upright. When sitting it’s important to consider your posture. Make sure that your back is straight, you’re not slouching, and your head is in alignment. You are practicing balance and activating your core muscles all at the same time, as you sit and work. But don't just sit there, make an effort to rock from side to side and front to back. Make circular motions each direction as well as figure eights. Also, lift your feet off the ground and balance. It's a bit of fun, activates your mind, and you are doing something for yourself while you are working.

Thanks to Laynie Kelly, The Marketing Muscle!

5) Work Out & Stretch

Working out and stretching daily are vital to business executives trying to keep their edge in the office. It has been proven that the mind-body connection is critical for optimum execution. Mild weight training for 15 minutes, 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, followed by 3-5 minutes of total body stretching not only aids the body and it also stimulates the mind. Exercising should not be strenuous, and your heart rate should vary. It is recommended for your heart rate not to exceed 140 beats per minute (bpm), but it should not drop below 120 bpm. During exercise, the brain is bombarded by wonderful natural opiates, such as endorphins. This allows your brain to unwind, take a step back, and see things from a more relaxed perspective. Always vary the exercises with activities you enjoy and more importantly, have fun while doing it.

Thanks to Kevin Owens, Chiropractic Athletic Center!

6) Look Into The 4 Areas

I help entrepreneurs/business owners become their physical, mental and emotional best so they can live the lives they want most. For that reason, I'd invite them to look into these 4 areas: body, mind, image and lifestyle (stress, relationships, emotional health.) Within those 4 areas, where do their greatest struggles lie? Once identifying the greatest obstacle in each area (for example: stress eating in the body area, holding onto your old story in the mindset area, having an image that's bland/forgettable in the image area and toxic relationships in the lifestyle area) what's the most immediate thing you can do within each? This gives entrepreneurs a concrete place to start and the success from overcoming these obstacles propels them to move forward and enjoy a sense of accomplishment and success.

Thanks to Debi Silber, President of Lifestyle Fitness, Inc.!

7) Meditate or Find A Way to Reduce Stress

My tip for entrepreneurs and anyone in business is to practice some form of meditation or stress-reducing exercise every day. Meditation enriches one's personality, heightens creativity, promotes physical, mental and emotional health, and keeps one honest, clear-thinking, and in touch with what is important both for one's self and for the clients. Learn a stress-reducing meditation technique like breath awareness. Breath awareness is a simple, yet highly effective technique for reducing stress, increasing focus, and promoting health and happiness.

Thanks to Heidi Thompson, Author Calm Focus Joy: The Power of Breath Awareness – A Practical Guide for Adults and Children!

8 ) Practice Daily Gratitude, Meditation & Exercise

The first and foremost important tip is to practice gratitude, meditation and exercise every day. The universe will not give you more than you can handle with your wealth. When you are feeling good mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, you can do anything. Having said this, when you have clear vision and have let go of the old bad programming from childhood, you are on your way to the optimal highest frequency of wealth in every area of your life.

Thanks to Dr. Cheryl Scheurer!

9) Prioritize Your Health & Be Kind

My tips are basic good sense – but remember to prioritize your health and be kind to people and animals – good health and good attitude make business more fun! For your physical health, 3 tips: Always start my day with 30 min cardio (stationary cycling) while reading the day's newspaper (2 birds with one stome, so to speak). Eat at least a piece of fruit or a dish of applesauce, or berries daily. Never go to bed without flossing and brushing my teeth.

Thanks to AC Sutherland, Owner of High J Orchards!

10) Visualize Success

At the beginning of each day, visualize successfully achieving your goals. What would you see, hear, and feel (emotionally and physically) that's proof you've achieved what you want. Start in the objective viewpoint seeing yourself in the picture, and then move to the subjective viewpoint as if you're seeing things through your own eyes.

Thanks to Ronald Kaufman, Author of Anatomy of Success!

11) Build Activity Into Your Lifestyle

I do yoga at 1-2 times per week and I ride my bike to work when I am not needing a car to take me to a client's office. Both of these activities now “set” into my work rhythm.

Sam Alibrando, Business Psychologist of ACP Inc.!

12) Work Our Daily

Work out. Work out daily. Get up early and hit the gym before you hit your desk. As entrepreneurs/solopreneurs, we often get so busy doing the million things that need doing each day that we neglect our bodies. Don't wait until your body breaks down – exercise five mornings a week, for the health of yourself and your business.

Thanks to Sandy Weaver Carman, Voicework On Demand, Inc.!

13) Use AntiRSI or Shutdown Timer

I'm a perfectionist and it's hard to will yourself to take a break when a project has you in its grip. So I use AntiRSI, an application for Mac that forces you to take regular breaks, yet without getting in the way. It also detects natural breaks so it won't force too many breaks on you. For PC, use the Shutdown Timer.

Thanks to Julia Drake, Julia Drake PR!

14) Think About The Day

Get up 15-20 minutes earlier each morning to sit and think calmly about the upcoming day. This is a technique that will keep you calmer, healthier, and more creative.

Thanks to Diana Fletcher, Life Coaching!

15) Take Multiple Breaks

I recommend taking multiple breaks during the day and incorporate some affirming exercises. These simple movements like “I can,” “I am capable,” and “I release worry” can set you back on track to achieve your goals. These movements stretch your physical body while reassuring your mind and energizing your spirit. We really are our worst enemy and when you can take powerful 2 minute breaks and affirm your value while moving your body, you are unstoppable. You can be your own best advocate.

Thanks to Ellie Peterson, Meditative Movements!

16) Eat!

Sounds like a no-brainer, but don't forget to eat! I often advise people to schedule meals into their daily planner so it becomes part of the routine. (I do that for myself, too). We often get so caught up in projects and challenges, that we sometimes go for long hours without eating and that wreaks havoc with our blood sugar. Consequently, we experience those mid-morning and afternoon slumps, get less done in more time and cannot balance our lives. Our energy dips so low, we not only are unable to concentrate, but we're then too exhausted to do additional things that feed our bodies and souls–like exercise. It also affects our weight and moods and we're unable to handle stress efficiently; let's face it, we don't exactly make the healthiest choices when we're tired, stressed and ravenous.

Thanks to Irene Ross, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach!

17) Treat Exercise Like An Important Appointment

Schedule time every day to exercising and treat it like an important appointment. Working out from home is a good way to get your workout done fast and when you have time. There are really great workout DVD programs on the market. There's something for everyone.

Deborah Munoz-Chacon, Owner of Sonoran Oasis Landscaping!

18) Set Aside 45 Minutes

Set aside 45 minutes a day for your physical well being – Entrepreneurs wear so many hats that it's critical to set time each day aside for fulfilling each responsibility. The same goes for your physical health, and exercise has been shown to enhance memory and stimulate neurological development and repair, both of which are critical in maintaining your decision-making engine.

Thanks to Jeff Kear, Owner of Planning Pod for Photographers!

19) Just Walk

You don't have to train like a pro athlete to stay in shape. Walking during some free time in the early morning in the late evening is perfect.

Thanks to Michael Podlesny, Owner of Mike the Gardener Enterprises, LLC!

20) Make Time for Your Passions

Make time for your passions outside of your work. Every entrepreneur should have at least one outlet that allows him/her to let go and enjoy the most basic elements of life. Your business is only as fabulous as its driving force, which is you. Revitalize, rejuvenate, and return to work with a vengeance.

Thanks to Rebecca Hu, 1001 Ways Production, LLC!

21) Prioritize

My number 1. tip is to prioritize. Many owner of businesses and entrepreneurs think that the longer they work, the more they achieve. Not so. Quality over quantity! It is much easier to schedule in exercise first thing in the morning than later in the day and benefits are worth it. Also during the day, instead of working 8 hours, set yourself one hour of work with no distractions, you will find you work harder and can stay focused because it is only for a short period of time. Then, get outside! Get some fresh air, go for a ten minute walk and go back to another power hour of work. Getting outside and being in proper sunlight also helps you body realise that it is day time and help you sleep properly at night which again, will give you more energy.

Thanks to Lauren Chandler!

22) Disconnect

In a world where innovation is key and demands on your time are high taking some time to disconnect each and every day is a foundational element for success. Set aside 10-15 minutes each day to disconnect and practice mindfulness. You don't need to head to a mountain monastery to do this. Simply turn off everything that beeps, buzzes, and pings you, and spend a few moments just BE-ing. Inhabiting your body and the present moment. Doing this regularly (and scheduling some more extended disconnected time weekly or monthly) will help you avoid burnout, get more creative, be more productive, and allow you to be more present in all you do.

Thanks to Paula Gregorowicz, The Paula G Company!

23) Write it Down

When entrepreneurs come to us and say, “I have difficulty focusing on producing the results I want for my business. I need some sort of guide to keep me accountable throughout the day.” We provide them with this simple action step and solution: Each morning, write down your daily intention on a small index card or paper. On the flip side of the index card or paper list five corresponding action steps required to achieve the results you want by days’ end. We call this your ‘Intention Card.’ Carry it with you. Keep it in your pocket or purse. As you go through your day and distractions come up, run it by your Intention Card. If it isn’t in alignment with your actions steps and the result you want, stop, re-align and let it go! It will reduce stress, anxiety and chaos and assist you to keep your “eye on the prize.”

Thanks to Jon Satin and Chris Pattay, The Possibility Coaches!

24) Say No

Say “NO”. Making tough decisions, saying no to anything or anyone that is toxic in your business and life is the only way to stay healthy. If I didn't say “no” on a daily basis, I would be one of the masses. To help you along, remember, “if in doubt throw it out”. It is alot easier to say “yes” after you have said no than it is to say no after you have said yes.

Thanks to Amanda Rose!


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