Social Media Brand Image Guidelines for New Businesses

In this contemporary world, many individuals are kissing the traditional work world goodbye and pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. If you've chosen this vocational path, it's important to know that advertising your new brand on social media is an effective way to extend your sphere of influence and develop a solid base of customers. To ensure that your social media marketing objectives are reached, utilize some or all of the following brand image strategies and suggestions:

  1. Publish Positive Feedback About Your Company

Building public confidence in your brand will play an integral role in helping your start-up become more successful. One way to build confidence in the legitimacy and value of your brand is to post positive feedback, reviews, and news left by other organizations and individuals. Blue Coat is a company that has been effective in utilizing this strategy. The company shares articles from VentureBeat, ZDnet, and other reputable websites. Each of the articles portrays Blue Coat in a positive light, thereby optimizing the company's online image.

  1. Be Consistent With Your Topics

Another strategy you can implement to optimize your social media branding campaign is being consistent with your topics. Make sure that you pick topics that are directly related to your brand so that you will come to be trusted as authoritative within your industry. Monster does an excellent job of realizing this objective by consistently publishing articles about workplace culture, career advice, and employee satisfaction.

  1. Post Consistently-And Make Sure That The Content Is Exceptional

Research indicates that the more blog posts a company publishes per month, the more traffic their website receives. As such, it's important to post content regularly. Procter & Gamble is a company that uses this strategy effectively. If you view the company's tweets for April 27th, you will note that there were more than ten. Moreover, each of the tweets posted by the company contains interesting, visually eye-catching content that will draw Internet audiences in and get them intrigued with the brand. When you post this type of high quality, entertaining content regularly, you can expect your social media campaign to start moving forward.

Another advertising strategy that Procter & Gamble has employed effectively is brand architecture. If you examine the company's Twitter photo, you'll note that it contains over 20 of the organization's brands grouped together in an orderly manner. The photo is effective in advertising both the individual brands and the fact that they all fall under the umbrella of Procter & Gamble.

  1. Use Visual Branding Strategies.

Another important marketing strategy that you can utilize to get your company going and growing in the social media sector is the use of visual branding techniques. These techniques are designed to make your company as eye-catching as possible. Coca-Cola utilizes this strategy brilliantly by consistently incorporating its traditional color schema (red) into its ads.

  1. Know Your Audience And Speak To Their Interests And Needs.

One final strategy you should employ to optimize your social media branding efforts is to know your audience. Doing so enables you to carefully tailor your content so that it will be engaging and interesting to the individuals who are most likely to invest in your brand. The company Huggies employs this strategy brilliantly by publishing polls that ask the audience what kind of blog content they're interested in seeing.


If you recently started a company and want it to become as successful as possible, now is the time to implement social media marketing strategies that will help you do so. You can use some or all of the brand optimization techniques outlined above to get your start-up going and growing!

Carol Evenson is an entrepreneur and professional business consultant specializing in C-level training and business growth. She currently works with organizations across the globe, assisting CEOs with their expansion strategies.

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