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5 Entrepreneurs Reveal How They Use Snapchat for Business

Snapchat is a social media platform that small business owners and entrepreneurs can use in various ways. Its popularity continues to rise every day with its growing usage for business. Rescue a CEO asked entrepreneurs and business owners how they use snapchat for business.

#1)- Involve our clients

Photo Credit: Daniel Nyiri

We use Snapchat to let our clients into our day to day life and behind the scenes of the company and they love it! We don’t sell on it! We strictly use it for entertainment which turns into new customers because they share our fun and engaging stories!

Thanks to Daniel Nyiri, 4U Fitness!

#2- Communicate with customers

Photo Credit: Taylor Offer

I use Snapchat to directly communicate with my customers. We show behind the scenes of the good, bad, and ugly of starting a company. This full transparency to our company has turned our customers into friends and fans. We peaked at getting 20,000 views per snapchat story. The biggest and best sales we have run have been through Snapchat.

Thanks to Taylor Offer, FEAT Socks!

#3- Sell products and engage community

Snapchat can be very useful, especially for those who rely on images to sell their products. You can take your followers through the building process until the finished product. Engage the community by taking them behind the scenes to show off your company. Companies can show off their corporate culture and have fun using the caption and drawing tools within Snapchat.

Thanks to Don Barlow, Finyl Vinyl!

#4- Stay in touch with and entertain guests

Photo Credit: Erik Dobell

I use SnapChat to stay in touch with and entertain guests who have already visited Impossibilities. Since I live in a tourist town, I can make Snaps about all the things to do in this area which keeps Gatlinburg (and our show) fresh in people's minds when they are planning their next vacation.

Thanks to Erik Dobell, Impossibilities!

#5- Showcase our products and process

Photo Credit: Michael Lovett

At The Grommet, we use Snapchat to showcase our products and process. A big piece of what we create on Snapchat is product demos with story points to inform and delight our followers. It also builds a sense of trust when you don't have the ability to edit together a product in action. We put a lot of stock into our process. We shoot our own videos and photos and we test the products ourselves before we put them on site so we try to offer a peek behind the curtain to show how we work. It also gives a platform to the creative people here to test out methods of film and photo they don't get to in their day-to-day. If people buy the product after seeing it on Snapchat, great. But ultimately, we want to inform and entertain our followers and be a company people want to engage with.

Thanks to Michael Lovett, The Grommet!

#6- Personal tool for branding

Photo Credit: Matt Schroeder

We have used Snapchat for about a year now, and our fans seem to love it as a more personal side of the business. Our stories get around 1,500-2,000 views each. One best practice I think is important is to add everybody back on the platform! That way, they can Snapchat you, and you are able to respond. They feel connected with your brand. We get probably close to 10 organic snaps a day of people just saying they love our brand. A simple thank you from us makes them very excited. Another best practice on Snapchat is showing behind the scenes things from your brand. Maybe an upcoming product, hints at a flash sale, new photos that are coming soon, etc. When we were looking at a new shirt to bring, I showed people 4 color options and asked their favorite… I got close to 250 responses, which actually helped us pick. Snapchat is a more *personal* tool for branding. Use it as such, and it can be very beneficial for your brand.

Thanks to Matt Schroeder, Shelly Cove!

How do you use Snapchat for your business? Tell us in the comments below.

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