How Do You Come Up With A Business Name? – Part 2

Entrepreneurs have a split second to make an impression. Literally that quick and it's gone. Usually that opportunity comes when you hear the question “So what's the name of your business?” It might be a new brand or a marketing plan, but we want to know how did you make that tough decision. Did we miss you? Tell us below



Go For a Stroll

The name of my company is Ambeck Enterprise which is comprised of parts of my name Avil Marie Beckford. The Invisible Mentor brand which I am building and many people believe that, that is the name of my company come up from one morning when I was walking in beautiful High Park in Toronto and I was thinking about a way to describe my recently published book which is a collection of interviews of highly accomplished people. And it suddenly struck me that the 34 interviewees comprised my Board of Invisible Mentors because whenever I faced a situation, I would remember bits and pieces of the interviews.

Thanks to Avil Beckford!


Use Your Inspiration & Passion

The YhTack in Stitches name was born and developed out of the passion and love to do stitches that create imagined possibilities.  The concept is born and developed by creatively tacking in stitches by crocheting, embroidery and or embellishment that provide the ultimate product for our customers.  It is a complete inspirational joy and passion to tack in our stitches that captures the dreams, and imagined possibilities.

Thanks to Cathy Harkless!

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It Has To Go Together Like Peas and Carrots

I have 2 companies with unique names, and a logo to match. Choosing the name and final logo was a detailed process for both. I had to make sure the logo completely represented the feel for who I am and what my company represents. Each company and its logo go together like peas and carrots. My other company is Cactus & Ivy.

Thanks to Lisa Rodgers!


Do Your Due Diligence

It took us nearly 50 hours to name “crowdSPRING.” Here are tips for consideration: (1) We first sat down and thought about we wanted our company name to convey because we knew it was an important part of our company’s identity. (2) We spent about 40 hours brainstorming to identify name possibilities related to our industry, our services, our competitors. We bounced around words (and phrases) that evoked the feelings we wanted our customers to have when they saw our company name. (3) We purposely kept the name short, simple, and easy to write and remember and we also used resources, including a dictionary, thesaurus, and any other resources to look up words and their meaning.

Thanks to Ross Kimbarovsky and Mike Samson!


Use Your Wedding Day for Inspiration

When my husband and I got married, we danced to our song, “Tupelo Honey” by Van Morrison. A year later, he started a business called Tupelo Construction after that song. When I started my business a few years later, I wanted a name that fit within our “family” of companies, so my business is called Hive Marketing, and my official title is Queen Bee. I use all kinds of honey and bee themed items – stationery for thank you notes to clients, hive shaped honey scented
candles when I meet with someone for the first time.

Thanks to Susan Barry!


Use Your Favorite Team

In 2009, after my hometown Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl, I had the inspiration to write my latest book: a collection of 40 management lessons based on 40 analogous Pittsburgh Steelers stories. The book was published in early June of that year, and I had my first radio interview scheduled several days later. It occurred to me that trying to refer to my company name and equally dry and long original website name was going to be a bit tough on the radio! We huddled to come up with a better, wittier website name that conveyed the linkage of business and football, and could apply not only to using analytics for business but also management fundamentals. We came up with Thinking Helmet Inc.

Thanks to Alan Simon!


Use Something That Is Easy To Spell

My company's name is 3 Impressions, Inc because we are always helping you make a positive first, last, and lasting impression by teaching you how to own the room. The name 3 Impressions, Inc came about because after 2 years in business people had no idea how to spell our previous name which as Alison Craig and Associates. It was either the Alison or the Associates that always through a client off. So after many missed emails, we decided to rename the company and used our clients to help us. We asked our best clients what was it that made an impression on them or meant the most to them with regards to our work. And the undeniable opinion was the concept of the first, last, and lasting impressions that we all make. So 3 impressions, Inc was the new name.

Thanks to Alison Craig!


Base It on Opinions

I spent several weeks thinking of all of the words that could describe my business, including searching the internet for websites of similar businesses. I then listed the words twice in two columns side-by-side and began combining them, first as whole words, then combining different syllables from each word, I narrowed the list down to about 10 that I liked best and searched the internet and the DNS for them to eliminate any that were already in use. Then I asked a few people whose opinions I valued to tell me which name went the best with my mission statement and elevator pitch. Based on their opinions, I tweaked the names. I made the final decision – after all, it's not a democracy it is my proprietorship – after considering all of the input I received.

Thanks to Don Lewis!


Remember When You Were a Kid

Since early childhood, I have been a huge fan of Batman and bats. The popular distilled image of a bat: the jet black silhouette against a full moon or night sky, the shape of the wings, and of course that iconic Batman logo, in its dozens of variations. At Halloween, I bought every bat-shaped thing I could find… I drew bats on all of my grade school papers… I wore Batman clothes… I never missed an episode of the TV reruns. I also loved old black and white films as a kid…. at some point it dawned on me that the black umbrellas that populated those movies shared a lot of contours with those iconic bat shapes. They were closely connected in my mind, from a visual standpoint.

Thanks to Michael Worrell!


Pay Attention It Can Come Anytime

Holy Moly Press is the name of my company. And yes, it was a pretty simple process almost like you described as happening in the middle of the night. My partner and I actually put some effort into our name and branding though.

Thanks to Dan Smee!


Think About Your Goal

When naming their restaurant we first determined their goal. We wanted a name that was catchy, easy to remember and most importantly, evoked a sense of the food and the energy they would be creating. We considered the space, which is warm, inviting and provides a feeling of ‘home' and their food, old-time classics infused with contemporary twists which they dubbed “California Comfort.” When they put those two together the name became crystal clear. And GRUB was born.

Thanks to Betty Fraser & Denise DeCarlo!


Ask and You Shall Receive

I asked for Divine Guidance on what to call myself. While driving in my truck, I heard, “You ARE the Messenger.” I thought about it and it made so much sense. I receive messages and information from Guides, pets, people who have passed, etc. and I share those messages with my clients. It's perfect and now I will have a national TV show with that name!

Thanks to Terri Jay!


Try Out a Few Until You Get It Right

The Business VITALIZER is all about energizing and bringing life to you and your business. The name, however, took us months to come up with, since we had to find a clean domain name and URL to get the registered trademark. We tried names like Business Booster, Business Pro, Business Wizard, etc., but when we came upon The Business VITALIZER we knew right away it was the winner.

Thanks to Maisie Vultaggio!


Make a Double Meaning

I based my business name on location and product. I knew I wanted the main part to be about location that is where the Heartland comes from and I make soaps, oils and scrubs, that's where the S.O.S. comes from, which also has a double meaning, as in S.O.S. being help, in this case help for the skin, so Heartland S.O.S. was born.

Thanks to Judy Lundy!


Think About What You Epitomize

My business is the company name because I epitomize happiness. That was and still is a great experience…however…I've had several significant setbacks, divorce, prostate cancer, forced to leave a career of 25 years as a stock broker, on the verge of losing my home, significant financial concerns, depleted retirement savings, etc. I am however, still swinging for the bleachers in the 9th inning. The bottom line, these are tough times, and I have had a rough time, but I still know that every day is a gift and can be as exciting and fulfilling as we make it.

Thanks to J. P. “Gus” Godsey!


Create a Name to Remember A Loved One

My business is Four22 Creative Marketing and Public Relations. I have a twin sister who died a few years ago – she was a successful entrepreneur in her 20s, long before my own endeavor. Our birthday is April 22, so I decided to channel her spirit and success by naming my business in remembrance. It's been successful so far and the very best part is that I get to tell others about my sister when they ask about my business name. Sentimental, yes. But distinctive. People get it and remember.

Thanks to Macy Bodenhamer!


Create a Name to Remember A Loved One

I lost my dog, Tito, to bone cancer, and the experience changed my life. Ultimately, I found my purpose in life through that experience and started my own company called Therapy in transition — or “TiTo” for short– to honor his memory and the life lessons I learned from him.

Thanks to Karen Kleinwort!


Think of Multiple Reasons

I called my publishing company Orange Sky Books for several reasons. 1) The name immediately produces a striking visual in one's mind, providing a theme for a company logo, and saving money on design costs. 2) Any name with a color in it instantly sets the tone for all marketing materials, saving time and expense. 3) An Orange Sky is inspiring. Inspiration appeals to customers. We all need it. And that is exactly the tone of my book “Words to the Rescue: the sentiment guide for the tongue tied.” 4) I had taken a trip to Santa Fe and the magical image of an awe-inspiring sunset on a note card I purchased stuck with me.

Thanks to Steve Fadie!

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  1. RE: #26 holymolypress and “Totally American”
    I co-wrote a book called “Totally American” with a psychologist; we use tools from the military combine it with psychology to give a method for getting success in your life. We ask this question: can the ordinary American achieve fulfillment? The answer is yes. Why? Because we’re a can-do culture; we believe in second chances. We believe in new ideas. We believe in persistence.
    Dan Smee
    All great entry’s I forward to checking some of them out!

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