Risks and Rewards of Using Cheap Versus Brand-Name Swag

Have you ever picked up a promotional pen imprinted with the name of a business and then discovered it didn’t work when you tried to scribble something with it? That’s pretty annoying, right? In disgust, you may have dropped the cheap freebie pen and searched for a “real” pen – that is, a name-brand pen.

These businesses have the right idea by purchasing Custom Pens in order to spread their advertising message while providing something useful to customers at the same time. People like to prove the saying “there are no free lunches” wrong when they are given promotional swag. They feel like they’ve been given a present or reward – and that makes them feel good.

Savvy businesses can capitalize on this “feel-good” factor and extend good will by offering customized products to their customers and potential customers. In providing custom pens imprinted with your company’s contact info to customers, you reward them for their patronage by giving them something in return.

What You’re Really Risking

The risk rears its head when companies sacrifice quality for price savings. Your Promotional Pens and giveaways will reflect your company’s image, and you don’t want that image to appear cheap. After all, you’re going to imprint your company name and logo on those custom items. Do you want your hard-earned reputation for quality to be tainted by the message you send by gifting a customer with a cheap pen?

Although buying cheap promo pens may save money in the short-term it can hurt your company’s image in the long run. When you give people cheap promotional pens and they either don’t work in the first place or quickly stop working – or worse, they leak ink on their designer clothes – you have just destroyed the good will that was built.

Benefits From Using Brand Names

If you want your promotional products to reflect a solid brand image, consider buying Bic promotional pens. As the world’s leading provider of custom-imprinted pens, Bic offers a name brand that guarantees performance and dependability – qualities with which you want your company to be associated.

Bic promotional pens come in a variety of styles and price points to fit any budget. Whichever style you choose, you know you can trust that name-brand promotional items such as Bic pens and Nike golf apparel will deliver quality in both function and form.

The fact is, everybody needs a pen, and if it’s a free promotional pen, then that’s an even better deal. But when companies cut costs and purchase cheap pens, they risk tarnishing their hard-earned reputation for quality and integrity. Conversely, when companies spend a little extra money and purchase brand-name trade show items, they will be rewarded with increased sales from repeat customers and new business.

Rebecca is a writer for HALO Branded Solutions, a leading Bic Promotional Pens products company. When she's not working, she loves to travel and blog, so her tablet is her best friend.


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