Footvote Debuts the Definitive Resource for Made in USA Products

Experienced Team Launches New Publication with Directory of National Brands and Handcrafted Products

SEATTLE, Washington (October 16, 2013) – Today, Footvote announced the launch of its Made in USA platform featuring a product directory of nationally known brands and handcrafted products made by American manufacturers. In addition to the product directory, includes editorial content providing information and insights on American manufacturing and companies.

“As American consumers have become more aware of the connection between the decline of American manufacturing and the challenging job market in their communities, they have been seeking products that are Made in USA,” said Laura Lucas, CEO and Founder of Footvote. “It can be challenging to find American-made products – so, we created Footvote to make it easier to find the American products you need.”

The debut version of the product directory includes over 1,000 products in the Kitchen, Toy, Pet, Food, Health and Beauty Categories – with more products being added every day. That is more than double the number of products Wal-Mart offered in its selection when it announced its “Made in USA” initiative earlier this month.

For Footvote, this is an economic issue and a moral imperative. “What do we say when we purchase products made by people in unsafe factories like the one that collapsed recently in Bangladesh, or products manufactured in places without environmental controls like China that generate life-shortening pollution?” asks Lucas. “Those supply chains do not reflect our values, and whenever possible we should make another choice.”

Consumer spending is about 70% of the U.S. economy and the choices consumers make have power. Footvote was founded on the principal that if we work together to buy Made in USA products every day, we can jump-start the economy and improve the lives of all Americans with respect for other cultures across the globe.

About Footvote Inc.

Footvote is a place for discovering and supporting Made in USA products you love. We are driven to provide you with the information you need to vote with your feet. Footvote is the definitive resource for Made in USA products and information. For more information, visit

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