Work and Play: How to Have a Luxurious Business Trip

Business travel does not have to be dull and too formal such that you do not enjoy your time away from home. You can infuse some adventure and luxury into your business trip while still maintaining your professional image. It takes a little planning, looking for the best services and enjoying every bit of your business travel. Here is how to have a luxurious business travel.

Plan for Quality Accommodation Beforehand

There is the notion that business travelers only need the bare minimum when it comes to accommodation. That way you will find that the business travel hotels have scaled down on everything luxurious. In your luxurious business travel book a hotel room where you will enjoy top of the class service and amenities. You can get great offers around the world. Such luxurious services include spa, tanning beds, Jacuzzi, helicopter service and concierge service among others.

Get a Limousine

Arrive at the client of business partner offices in style with a limousine from a company like Luxury Limousine Inc. Apart from the luxury it offers, a limousine gives you the right first impression to your business partners. The limousine companies hire qualified chauffeurs that make your trip worthwhile and enjoyable. You can also be polishing up your presentation while on the road. Limos are also very comfortable and will pump up your confidence that you need for your business trip.

Enjoy the Best Cuisine that the City Has to Offer

Part of the luxury is to dine and wine like a king. You can only achieve this by eating at the best restaurants in the city. You can also set up some meetings with your clients in these eateries to impress them. Research the best eating joints at your destination beforehand and sample a few of them when you get there. Do not leave the city before trying a local cuisine just to have a feel of it.

Relax between Your Busy Schedules

Get the best relaxation services during your free time. This could be before, between or after your meetings. Spend a few minutes at the gym, an hour or two in some heated pool. In the evening, you could enjoy the local beer at the terrace as you recap the day’s events. If you have had a busy day, pamper the body by getting some sensual massage. This gets you relaxed and ready to face the next set of meetings.

Luxury should be part of your travel. Go for the very best that you can get from your destination. Moreover, take time with your body. Give it a treat and a vacation-like experience. You will be amazed how this improves your performance at the task you were meant to accomplish.

This guest post is courtesy of Dixie Somers. 


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