How to Turn Around Negative Thoughts That Are Killing Your Sales

Business people know that extreme negativity and negative thoughts have great chances of ruining their sales. However, getting rid of negativity is very difficult nowadays. Some people can’t help but complain about the economy, their jobs or even about their lives, and although it may seem something usual, these pessimistic thoughts can change your mood immediately.


Negativity clouds your judgment

It’s not a secret that the business world can be very tough, especially its sales branch. Sometimes people find it almost impossible to achieve success or close a sale, as the business world implies different challenges and problems that cannot be solved using theoretical approaches learned by heart. Not many business owners are able to face the pressure implied by this continually changing business environment. Fortunately, new technologies make it easier for them to solve their issues better and faster than before. This is one of the reasons why business owners cannot prove their credibility and worth nowadays, without making greater efforts than they made in the past.

As a result, you are advised not to have negative thoughts when doing business in the current environment, since they won’t make things easier for you. As far as the concept of successful selling is concerned, business people are required several skills that are essential to build an efficient relationship. However, this relationship is based on greater efforts and doesn't imply only treating others nicely.

Take your time and avoid losing your temper

You cannot win over clients without making them realize that your attention is focused on their needs. As a result, it’s almost impossible to close a deal with a client without surprising him with your positive attitude. However, bear in mind that this  may not be as easy as it seems, especially when it comes to deals that last more than you've expected. Regardless of what you think, this is one of those situations when giving up is not an option. When your attempt to close a deal lasts longer than a year, your mind may be invaded by negative feelings and thoughts about your client. If you happen to be in this situation, you should avoid complaining about your problems and focus on finding the best solution instead.


Don’t let your thoughts get invaded by negativity

The greatest mistake you can make as a salesperson is to let negative thoughts haunt you. One of the most common negative thoughts is related to the potential client: you may fear that your client doesn't really want to buy your product, that his budget is not enough, or even that he will look for a cheaper provider. A good way of avoiding these pessimist thoughts would be to avoid asking your potential buyer about his/her budget, as they will never answer sincerely. Instead, you are advised to prove that you aren't willing to make any concessions, as the price you ask for is completely justified. Good negotiators know that showing value in the price they ask for is essential for making their potential clients realize that it’s impossible to find a cheaper similar product on the market.

Stop complaining and try looking for solutions

While some business people waste their time complaining, others fight to find positive solutions that will guarantee for the engagement of their clients. Try to avoid being surrounded by pessimistic people, as it’s very easy to change your mood in a negative way. Your family and staff should never hold you back, but try to convince you about your chances of success instead. If you realize that they’re the ones who make you become pessimistic, try to solve the problem by making the necessary adjustments.


Instead of despising your client, try to understand him

Sometimes you may have to attend a meeting with a client that you despise, and although you cannot have sincere positive thoughts about him, you are advised to look for methods of changing the way in which you perceive him. Selling is not easy, but it’s impossible not to close the deal you want as long as you learn to think positive. However, bear in mind that fooling yourself and faking positivity will not help you improve your sales. Your positivity should come naturally, without being something planned in advance.

All in all, your success rate will increase more than you can expect if you manage to avoid having your mind invaded with pessimistic thoughts. If you don’t feel comfortable when you present one of your products, the client will figure it out immediately and you will run the risk of leaving without a deal. This is why you should remain positive, confident and sincere, regardless of what happens during the negotiation. As long as you know your goal, you shouldn't allow negativity to ruin your chances of success.

This guest post is courtesy of: William Taylor is a professional writer and blogger. He writes on various topics and posts them at many high PR blogs. He is also working for a site which provides workshops on negotiation.


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