10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice

There’s nothing wrong with asking for advice. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran business owner or just getting your feet wet in the deep end of the entrepreneurial lake. Advice can be delivered in many forms. You might get a wake-up call from a peer or mentor on your performance. It might be a huge motivational speech from someone you hadn’t considered to be in the ‘business’ field. The point of advice is to help. We rounded up a list of advice from entrepreneurs and business owners. Maybe you’ll find someone you need on the list.

#1 – Make your dream a reality

Image Credit : Jamal Robinson
Image Credit : Jamal Robinson

If you are Blessed to see another day, you have the opportunity to make your dream a reality. Enjoy the small things in life just as you do and would the major milestones (goals) you desire. And remember at the end, the tortoise always wins the race, there's nothing wrong with growing or going slow and steady. Carpe Diem.

Thanks to Jamal Robinson, Desiar

#2 – Write out a Schedule and try your best to stick to that schedule

Image Credits : Amanda Henke
Image Credit : Amanda Henke

Each morning, take 5 minutes to write out a schedule for the day and try your best to stick to that schedule. Havecertain timeframes set aside to check emails, work on specific projects, etc. When you’re working on specific projects, also keep your email closed so you do not get distracted. This will really help you, because you will feel more accomplished when you cross items off of the schedule. One other tip is to keep your work culture and offerings exciting and innovative! Consumers love new launches, so don’t let them get bored.

Thanks to Amanda Henke, Annie B’s popcorn and caramels

#3 – Give your Customers the Best Customer Experience Possible

Image Credit: Kiry Peng
Image Credit: Kiry Peng

As a small business owner, your reputation precedes you so it's imperative that you give your customers the best customer experience possible the first time they use your services. One of our core functions is mediating complaints between consumers and business owners and it's important that we resolve these matters expeditiously and with professionalism. Our staff is trained to handle these sensitive situations, taking into consideration each party's perspective. In many cases, these disputes are resolved quickly and both parties walk away content, with some business owners even retaining those customers because they were given an opportunity to address the problem with their customer through our mediation process.

Thanks to Kiry Peng, Business Consumer Alliance

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#4 – Craft Mission Words

Image Credits : Dara Beevas
Image Credit : Dara Beevas

We, of course, have a mission statement. We poured over the perfect combination of words, phrases, and ideas to craft a kick-ass statement of writerly woo when we launched. I’m quite proud of it. Can I recite it verbatim? Honestly, it depends on the day, who I’m speaking to, and how much coffee I’ve had. Then I noticed over time that certain words became second nature to our team. We use them repeatedly, and then our clients began using them. They’re words that energize us (ex. purpose), words that prompt movement (ex. momentum), and words that inspire our clients (ex. dream). We determined that the arrangement of our mission words wasn’t as important as knowing which “right” words tell our story, empower our clients, and keep us going. We like our mission statement—it’s the home of our startup. But our mission words are the heart of that home.

Thanks to Dara Beevas, Wise Ink Creative Publishing

#5 – Find Something You're Passionate About

Image Credit: Aytein Tank

I was always working in small and large internet media companies. I was very successful. However, I started to feel uninspired when I went to work. I found that I was not passionate anymore. So in 2005 I quit, and in 2006, I created a free web form building site called JotForm. I was inspired to work again. If I can give two pieces of advice to people, young and old, if you’re not happy, quit. Find something you’re passionate about and you will succeed. Everything else will fall into place. Just find what makes you happy and you will become successful.

Thanks to Aytekin Tank, Jotform

#6 – Ask and You shall receive!

Image Credits : Dylan Osborn
Image Credit: Dylan Osborn

Ask and You shall receive! This is hands down the best piece of advice I have ever received. It is the idea that if you ask, whether it be out loud or in your mind, for the things you want to accomplish they will come true once you act on them. It of course takes time, more or less depending on the magnitude of the goal you want to accomplish.This idea of positive affirmation works really well for several reasons. First, it constantly reminds you of your goals and what you need to do in order to accomplish them. Second, after awhile, you start to believe they have already come true. And for some weird reason this helps bring your dreams to life! I really feel that every entrepreneur should at least take a look at the book, “The Secret,” as it has a lot of great lessons that are directly applicable.

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Thanks to Dylan Osborn, NILI-Nightlife Concierge

#7 – Trust the Process

Image Credits : Eboni L. Truss
Image Credit: Eboni L. Truss

My BEST business advice for any entrepreneur, especially those who are new to business ownership, is to trust the process. There will be much space and opportunity to quit, throw in the towel, and say “This is too hard!” However, you cannot concede to the mindset that it is too hard for *you*! Keep going, trusting and believing that you are on the road to greatness, whatever “greatness” looks like for you. It will look bleak. It will take time. You may not be an overnight success. But, success WILL come, if you stick to it and stay at it. Besides, if you quit today, a year from now you'll wish you were where you are right now!

Thanks to Eboni L. Truss, The Purpose Passion + Profit Group

#8 – Turn a Terrible Idea into something Incredible

Image Credits : Amna Rizi
Photo Credit: Amna Rizi

My advice to people, especially startups is “See, a great businessman/woman can take a terrible idea and turn it intosomething incredible.This doesn't mean that ideas are not important. They are. But its even more important to have the right people in the right positions to execute them. Otherwise even good ideas can fail!”

Thanks to Amna Rizvi,  GadgTecs

#9 – Become an expert Persuader

Image Credits : Miki Dutta
Image Credit: Miki Dutta

Whether we realise it or not, we are persuading every day in our business. From Persuading a client to buy our products or services to persuading investors to invest in our business, persuading suppliers to give us longer credit to persuading employees to give more effort at work. We have to persuade every day, so it is imperative that we become an expert on persuasion. Here are 3 quick tips to become a better persuader: 1:)  Listen. People now a days just want to establish their opinion push their opinion on others, that doesn't take us no where. All the expert persuaders in the world were known for listening to others carefully and then articulate their position based on what they heard. 2:) Be Positive. Always be positive, happy and upbeat. No one wants to talk or listen to some one who is negative, complaining about everything, upset and down. So always have a positive and upbeat vibe in you. People will pick up on that and will like you for it. 3:) Be Persistent. All the expert persuaders were known for trying again and again till they got their way, so don't give up as soon as you get a rejection, try again.

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Thanks to Miki Dutta, Worior

#10 – Make you Business Visible Online

Image Credits : Leo
Image Credit: Leo

Get your business online and make it visible! I know it's 2015, but so many companies still do not have a website,or do not make much money using their websites. Create a useful website that HELPS your potential clients save money or solve their problems, using your product or service. Yes it is difficult to get visibility, but nothing beats free Google / Bing traffic to your website. And it is possible to rank on 1st page of search results, even if you are just starting out. Tell your customers how they can benefit or solve their problems with or without your products / services and they will love you. Be persistent and don't give up!

Thanks to Leo,


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