Tips for Creating Good User Experience Designs for your Website

A person with creativity does not require an introduction to designing.  A creative person can develop designs just by listening to the theme.In this post, readers will get to understand the importance of user experience designs as well as how they should be implemented to achieve the maximum returns.

There are some essential points which a designer should keep in mind while designing user experience design.

  • Listen, understand and then implement:Let us assume you are a designer. When someone approaches you, first make a habit of listening to the person before taking on the job.  That clarifies what the person exactly wants to convey. Then understand the message correctly and if possible, make a rough note of what they need from you.  It helps in communicating with the person who wants to do the work. Before implementing the process, it is always advisable to take prior approval of the person giving the job.
  • Always ensure to give information appropriately: There are many ways of interpreting the information. It is up to you which way you will choose and that is why research is fundamental. You should do proper research before implementing the task. Doing analysis enables you to think of various methods of designing through which you can convey the information given by the user.  An in-depth study is also beneficial. If not for the current project, you can make use of the knowledge in some other related project. Knowledge never goes to waste.
  • Remember the deadlines for submission of the designs:  When a project is given to you, ensure the work finishes within the timeframe.  For instance, the user may want to get some designs for campaigns related to vaccinations by specifying the date of vaccination.  If you give the designs on the date desired by the user, he can make use of the designs for his campaign. What is the use of your designs if you give it after the date mentioned in the design? Even though the design is right, the user may not be interested in taking it and may not consider you for the next projects which are a huge loss to you.  This point is important when you are designing some hoardings or for online purposes. For online purposes, you can do a little bit of change in the text but in hoardings, doing such thing is irritating and the expenses incurred is also more.
  • Have a good observation of your surroundings:  You as a designer may be very talented.  But the nature around us has many secrets unknown to us.  You should have an eye to admire the beauty. For that, you need to observe each and everything.  Even though it may not be related to your work at present but can make use of the information in later projects.  Not only nature but even work done by others in creating good designs is also worth observing. The various concepts can be studied and applied if found new and exciting.
  • Design should not overload: Normally, when the user gives you the task, he offers some information which he has to mention in the design. How you design depends on your talent.  A good design should be brief but at the same time should be in such a way it gives full information which the user wants to be displayed. Mix and match of appropriate words and graphics play an important role in making good designs. Make use of images or visuals more as images speak more than words.  That saves some space, and the information can be depicted neatly and clearly in the design.
  • Provide proper links: A design becomes good when the user can quickly get the information through various links provided by the designer even though there are not all on display.  Well, you can give links on designs meant for online use. Whenever you want to provide the user with some extra information related to the design then provides a caption “view more” and link the information related text to that caption.  A website can enjoy the benefits of the link when the user can access the information text by clicking “view more” option. The sooner he gets the information, the more he is satisfied.
  • Test your design: A design can be confirmed right only after its testing is over. Generally, before actually releasing the design, the designer has to test it on a sample basis on original users.  Based on the actions and reactions of the users, it can be confirmed that the design is worth or not. Any modification required can be made to the design to make it worthy.
  • Design in such a way that the user gets access to the link immediately:  Normally, when the user clicks a webpage, sometimes it takes some time to open the webpage.  If this is occasional, then there is no issue, but if this is becoming common then the user will get irritated, and there are chances of closing the browser. So, design in a way that the webpage opens immediately as soon as there is a click from the user's side.  Even though your design is excellent, when the link is not working correctly then the whole exercise becomes waste. If the user loses interest once, he may not be willing to choose to view your website.

Designing is a profession and people do it to earn money.  But when you do a job do it wholeheartedly and put yourself in the shoes of a user and think what is that you want as a user.  This strategy may help you in making good designs. The designs you make should make the user interactivity more convenient. If your design confuses the user, then what is use?  An application or software will be successful only when someone uses it. A person can use it only when the find usability is easy. Now it depends how well it is designed for the user to use it.  See everything is interlinked.

Remember one point, concentrate on what they need from you.  User satisfaction will be 100% only if he/she gets what they want.


Author bio- Daniel Mattei is a Professional writer. He has written many articles on web designing. He is quite experienced in the field of web marketing as well as website designing. In this article he has mentioned about some essential points which a designer should keep in mind while designing user experience design.

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