New Trends on Google Play Store 2019

It is an unquestionable fact the consecration of the mobile as the first device worldwide. Based on this fact, let's see what are the most outstanding aspects and the most relevant trends within a sector that has only made known a tiny part of what is yet to come. In the following article we talk about the trends in Mobile, ASO and Apps that will triumph in 2019.

Data that the mobile leaves us

Let's move to Latin America. There, according to the latest data provided by the association of mobile operators GSMA, users connect to the internet from their mobile phones between 30 and 40 hours a week. Notable fact, since it is more than double the time spent in conventional media. The last data contributed speaks of 150 million new mobile users in the year 2020 within the total set of Latin American countries. Which means 450 million total users.

As we stated earlier, the mobile phone, according to the comScore firm in its study Mobile Globe Report , has become the first device worldwide. Proof of this are the percentages that indicate the amount of minutes that users connected to their mobile phones spend. Topping this list is Indonesia with 90%, followed by India with 86%, Mexico with 75%, and Brazil and Argentina both with 73%.

One of the most significant facts is that several countries dominate the average minutes in the time spent on mobile due to personalized experience and, above all, the functionality of mobile applications .

In terms of leadership within these, social networks are still the most downloaded followed by Instagram, YouTube or Facebook. Also stand out among the “chosen applications” Uber, Netflix, Snapchat, Pandora, Ebay, Instagram, Apple Store, Twitter and Google Play Store.

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With all this in mind, what will happen next? Will the mobile world continue and applications grow indefinitely? Will there be new changes? Will we continue to be connected more every day, or will the arrival of new technologies make us transition more and more quickly towards new behaviors with respect to mobile technology? Let's see what the next Trends Apps, ASO and Mobile will be that will wrap our lives in the near future.

Trends Apps, ASO and Mobile 2019

The mobile phone has become indispensable for a large part of the world's population, and that is why we are at the peak of new advances in the economics of applications.

The investment in Mobile is increased

Consumer spending in app stores will grow 5 times more than in the overall global economy by 2019. The Mobile world will continue to take control of consumers and fuel corporate priorities.

In addition, mobile spending is also aimed at growing both in the advertising within the application and in the trade that performs transactions outside the app stores.

Mobile video games are in luck

Games will definitely play an important part, having a greater and faster growth of consumer spending in the stores of applications although they will represent almost 75% of the total spending of the consumer. Subscription spending on the application outside of the games will greatly increase the 2x growth rate. The installation base will not only grow, but the time spent on applications per device is ready to grow in emerging markets like Indonesia, where the average user will spend more than 4 hours a day in applications.

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China will continue to be the biggest contributor to the growth of consumer spending in app stores; however, a slight deceleration is expected in 2019 because Chinese regulators have frozen the approval of gambling licenses.

Consumer spending on mobile games will reach 60% market share among all gaming platforms. Advances in the mechanics of mobile multiplayer games and cross-platform gaming will also lead to experimentation in broadcasting and sports, the latter of which is likely to expand the popularity of the former. While 5G, along with improved battery life, can help with advances in mobile gaming, it's still too early for a material impact in 2019.

The total time invested in video transmission applications per device will increase by 110% from 2016 to 2019. The overall spending of consumers in entertainment applications will increase by 520%, driven largely by subscriptions to video transmission applications .

Greater advertising investment

Mobile devices are forecast to account for an increasing share of digital advertising spend. The editors of mobile applications are taking note of the evolution of the advertising landscape. In 2019, 60% more applications will be monetized through in-app ads. This will increase competition among advertisers.

The ASO practices are maintained

In terms of ASO, although the best practices have not changed much over the years, in 2019 we must pay attention, in the case of Apple, to Search Ads, since this service is being opened in a broad spectrum of services. Languages. This tool has allowed developers to better target relevant keywords and bid for a position at the top of the search results, ie ads in App Store, always taking into account, give time to campaigns, try creatives and optimize the KPIs according to the performance of the keywords.

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In Google Play, the most notorious novelty of the end of 2018 that will affect in a certain way how to focus the ASO for 2019, was the change in the design of how the Apps cards are displayed. In addition, Google has created tools, more typical of App Marketing than of ASO, which are being very successful, such as the Playable Ads and the Instant Apps, which allow users to test the Apps before installing them, achieving a significant improvement in conversions.

Join in Mobile

Undoubtedly the Mobile sector is constantly growing, however, the demand for professionals in the sector exceeds the potential candidates such as programmers or usability experts.

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