Preparing Your Home For Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled the majority of the workforce to shift their work to their homes. For those people who will be working from home for the first time, this is a new dynamic being added to the home. We all know that working from a traditional office is different from working from home. There are no colleagues to socialize or a supervisor keeping you on toes for productivity. It is all on you to set your schedules, work without supervision and devise ways of being productive. That is why it is important to prepare your home for remote work. Here are some tips to help you do that.

  1.          Do some touch-ups at home

Happy people are known to be the most productive. You will draw happiness from your home if it is comfortable enough for you to spend time there. Now that you are spending a lot of time at home, you will be most likely to notice places that need retouching so that they are at par with your dream home. For instance, now you have more time to enjoy your showers. The times you showered hurriedly in the morning to beat traffic are temporarily halted. You are more likely to notice that outdated showerhead, or might feel the need for a tub.  Now it is the time for that bathroom remodeling that will transform your shower experience for that much-needed enthusiasm.

  1.          Organize and declutter

There is a saying that cluttered places, cluttered minds. This is true when it comes to working from home in a disorganized place. You will feel demotivated to get any work done. For starters, you will not feel comfortable staying in a cluttered place. Clean and organize the home to make it a place you will enjoy staying in. The result will be lifting your spirits as a bonus and a good vibe across the home that will motivate you to get working.

  1.          Create a workspace

The best thing that comes with working from home is achieving an improved work-life balance. However, if you are not careful, you might find the two colliding with each other. It is important to draw a line between the two, and that starts with having a dedicated workspace at home. Look for a suitable area to set up your home workspace. It could be a spare room, your bedroom, kitchen, garage or any other place with fewer distractions. Invest in a good ergonomic chair and desk, have a good internet connection and any other office supplies that you may require.

  1.          Have an exercise corner

Talking of productivity, exercise can do magic to help you stay productive. Commuting provides ways of exercising even though indirectly. There are times that you’ll miss the elevator and just decide to scale the staircase. Moving around the office also keeps you alert and energized. Working from home, on the other hand, gives you little room to move around. You will need to have a dedicated corner to do some exercises. Invest in some dumbbells, weights, yoga mat and any other equipment that you might need. And don’t forget to create time to actually use them.

  1.          Set up a relaxation nook

People tend to work longer hours when working from home. While it may be good to stay on schedule with projects, it has a negative effect on productivity. It is important that you take breaks in between work to relax and catch some fresh air. Create a relaxation nook at home that will be comfortable for you to spend your breaks. If you have a window with a nice view or a balcony, you have the perfect spots for this. Get a comfortable armchair with some pillows to make it cozy. You can add a plant to clean the air and calm your mind. You will be surprised how relaxing your mind gears you up for work ahead.

  1. Make your bed cozy

Working from the bed is not uncommon when you working from home. You will sometimes find yourself replying to mails from the comfort of your bed. To avoid backaches, make your bed as comfortable as possible. Now it is the time to invest in a good mattress or some extra pillows.


Driving productivity when working from home can be a challenge, but with a cozy and comfortable home, it is much easier. Ensure that you have a clean home, clean change of clothes and an organized place that will keep your spirits and mood boosted for work.


Guest post courtesy of Amelia Frank

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