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Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: Youth More Entrepreneurial than Adults, Says Study

Each generation has its share of unique qualities which separate it from previous and future years. While previous generations did business by a certain model, with the introduction of easier crowdfunding and more liberal business ideas the ability to own or pursue owning your own business is easier than ever. A recent study by The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, known as GEM, ...

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New Business Expenses You Can Expect

Your business will need to be the best to survive. If you do not want your company joining the 25% of new businesses that fail in the first year, you will need to carefully plan and implement your business. The first step to business success is to do what you’re doing now. Research every aspect of your company, so you ...

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Promotional Products….Are They Really Worth It?

Absolutely! Promotional products provide businesses with the opportunity to take advantage of numerous competitive advantages.  Brand promotion, inexpensive advertising, and promising returns are three key edges that promotional products offer. Let’s take a look at these aspects in greater detail to get a feel for how important they really are. Brand Promotion     The quality of a company’s brand is ...

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Cloud Surfing: Your First-Class Guide to Streaming Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic is courtesy of BlueFirePR.com  Streaming services are quickly outpacing traditional media sales and are becoming the primary source of entertainment in households worldwide. With hundreds of streaming audio and video services available on television, computers and mobile devices, it is easy to get tangled in the web of features. While most options are similar in functionality, a few ...

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The Future of Freelancing – Survey: Caliber of Independent Creative Talent Rising

MENLO PARK, CA — The freelance talent pool has grown stronger, a new survey suggests.  Nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of advertising and marketing executives interviewed by The Creative Group said the caliber of independent creative professionals has increased in the last five years; among those, nearly one-third (31 percent) said it has increased significantly. Respondents cited “access to specialized skills ...

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The Rise of the Female Entrepreneur [INFOGRAPHIC]

Women entrepreneurs are doing their part to rescue the economy. This infographic by Online Business Degree depicts the rise of women entrepreneurs and business owners. Relevant statistics: Women are starting small businesses at twice the rate of men. Businesses owned by women generate 58% more revenue than 15 years ago. By 2018, women will create over half of new small ...

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Entrepreneurs Losing Sleep But Not Hope [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hiscox released it’s 4th annual DNA of an Entrepreneurs study and found that overall entrepreneurs were optimistic despite the stress that they were experiencing. The infographic is a snapshot of the entrepreneur study. Here are some of the findings: 49% of small business owners and leaders across the US, the UK and Europe are positive about the year ahead for ...

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Foreign Born Business Owners Fueling America [INFOGRAPHIC]

Entrepreneurs and business owners born outside of the United States are sparking entrepreneurial innovation in America. Intuit created an infographic to show these findings: Statistics: 1 in 5 small business owners in America is foreign-born. Of the 1.8 million new small business owners between 1990 and 2010, 30% were foreign born. 1 in 10 immigrant small business owners in the ...

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