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Creative Thinkering (Book Review)

TITLE: Creative Thinkering; Putting Your Imagination to Work Author: Michael Michalko Pages: 232   NOTABLE QUOTES “Our attitudes influence our behavior, but our behavior also influences our attitude” “Don’t be the person who sees the sun as a yellow spot in the sky, be the person who sees a yellow spot on a grimy sidewalk as the sun” “The swirling ...

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Best Gift For This Holiday Season (Ask)

December is the last month of the year, and it is usually filled with the holiday spirit and people giving and receiving gifts and presents. But for those shopping for entrepreneurs and business owners it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what is the best gift to get. We want to know what is the best gift to get ...

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A Cup of Entrepreneurship: Starbucks (Book Review)

TITLE: Pour Your Heart Into It: How STARBUCKS Built a Company One Cup at a Time Author: Howard Schultz and Dori Jones Yang Pages: 340   NOTABLE QUOTES “Every company should stand for something” “Just ‘say yes’ to the customer. Good companies go out of their way to please the customer” “[Entrepreneurs] are scared to bring in truly smart, successful ...

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