Why Choose IBM Training and Certifications?

Are you interested in expanding your tech knowledge and gaining certifications to boost your CV? Then we know just the training and certification provider for you – IBM!

We know you’re probably thinking “but why should I choose IBM over all the other options out there?” well, we’re going to tell you.

What Types of IBM Training Are Available?

IBM and its registered training providers, offer hundreds of different courses and certifications, which means you have plenty to choose from. But this can seem a little overwhelming at a first glance, so let us help you navigate your way through the crowd and decipher exactly which IBM training course is right for you.

Whether you’re an individual seeking education or an organisation wanting to invest in your staff, there is a subject for you. IBM certifications are separated into the following seven areas:

  1. Information Management (Big Data)

This provides participants with the knowledge to analyse and understand business information plus make better decisions using this data. It can also help employees optimise the services they offer.

  1. Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure (Tivoli)

Training in this subject area helps participants to optimise their business infrastructure and give technology a boost. This is done through the study of improved visibility and full automation processes.

  1. Business Analytics (Cognos)

Cognos courses enable businesses to understand their business outcomes, anticipate changes or development, as well as how to adapt to these deviations to minimise disruption.

  1. Collaboration Solutions (Lotus)

Individuals who take these courses will be introduced to collaboration software and solutions. They will also be encouraged to connect with others with collaborative innovation.

  1. Rational

Rational training can help your company design or develop existing IT software and products.

  1. WebSphere

WebSphere training educates participants about the tools needed to build and maintain enterprise web applications running 24/7.

  1. Systems & Technology

Last but not least, these classes train on the 3 Vs of data – velocity, volume and variety – and how to solve issues that threaten a business’ IT infrastructure.

What Are the Benefits of IBM Training?

So you now know which course suits you best, but what will you get out of dedicating your hard earned time and money into it? Well, a lot actually. Here are just a few of the advantages of IBM training and certifications for organisations:

  • Expanded knowledge and skills across your organisation
  • Increase job satisfaction and team morale
  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Improve staff confidence
  • Reduce helpdesk requests and support callouts

Benefits for individuals:

  • Professional credibility
  • Advance career progression options
  • Professional advantage
  • Improved self-sufficiency and independence

There are numerous reasons why you should choose to enroll in IBM training, so what are you waiting for? Start your journey to qualification today!

Global Knowledge is an official authorised IBM Global Training Provider with great flexible learning opportunities. The organisation won the 2015 IBM Choice Award for Global Training Provider of the Year, so there really is nowhere better for IBM training and certifications

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