Can Myers-Briggs Personality Type Really Help You As an Entrepreneur?

Future career of every person depends on their personality type. Myers Briggs is one of the most famous personality type studies, and almost every professional is assigned to one or more personality type. Myers Briggs also has played a major role in predicting the success of entrepreneurship too. Myers Briggs has about 16 different personality types, and in one way or the other, all this personality type helps you develop your entrepreneurship skills. However, the most common personality types that would bring a difference and motivate self-employment are ENTPs, ENTJs, ESTJs, ISTJs, and INTJs. Here are some of the ways you can relate entrepreneurship with personality type.

  1. Curious

Entrepreneurs are always interested and with the need of learning something new about an individual matter. They are always seeking extra information on how they can improve or conduct an existing business based on different goals. Therefore as an entrepreneur, the motivation of learning something new, understanding the logics and pursuing knowledge is part of your personality. However, curiosity does not only define entrepreneurs although it generates awareness and the urge to doing something different.

Curiosity gives an entrepreneur the ability to notice new opportunities without searching through. It’s common for entrepreneurs to start thinking of business opportunities presented before them by seeing and abandon building in the city. However, you must ensure that you seek adequate knowledge about the business opportunity and the logistics of the environment.

  1. Creativity

Myers Briggs personality type helps entrepreneurs to realize their potential in different fields. ENTPs is the kind of people who are resistant to follow a particular structure while doing things just because it was used before. INTJs quietly envision new strategies entirely. While ENTJs use their action-oriented imagination to move the whole project forward. The ability to build and creating something from absolutely nothing is entrepreneurship. Therefore, creativity is what makes entrepreneurs different from the other population. It gives the capacity to spot an opportunity where others see confusion, chaos, disaster, and contradiction. Creativity drives innovation.

  1. Responsible

Myers Briggs personality type that takes responsibilities on everything. ENTP personality type sees opportunities everywhere and makes it their responsibility to motivate the community to help paint the vision. INTJs type feels responsible for personally implementing their ideas. Lastly, ENTJs type sees obstacles as challenges.

This type of personality is familiar to most entrepreneurs. When others feel powerless during tough times, entrepreneurs understand they have control over the situation and come up with a solution. This mindset is called “internal locus of control” by modern psychologists. This is a must have the mindset in the list of an entrepreneur. This mindset guarantees that you are in control of your destiny and it makes you responsible for whatever comes your way. Therefore their internal locus of control develops a balance between career satisfaction and business success.

  1. Decisive

ESTJs type implement decisions systematically and quickly, INTJs organize and carry out an action plan strategically. While ISTJs type decides what to do and start working towards the goal steadily. Although all the above types have different methods, they all make decisions and without remorse, choose on, which direction they will follow to meet their target goal.

This trait makes an entrepreneur to focus less on maintaining a relationship but rather concentrate on the success of the business. Although he might fail, an entrepreneur will start the business of supplying IPL laser hair removal machine to places where he finds an opportunity regardless of how people will respond towards the firm. This is called the guts. An entrepreneur must have the guts to endure, guts to initiate and more importantly, guts to evolve as company changes.


However, for you to become a successful entrepreneur, you require having more than just the above personalities. You must ensure you have an inside business knowledge, attain entrepreneur’s diplomas and lastly quality of products. Additionally, once you have all these facts together, it’s important to remember that the success of your business depends on you. Therefore, the ways you invest and attend to your business determine the direction the company will take.

As an entrepreneur, you must always remember that the route your parents followed is not your path but rather you make your way personally. Your willingness to start reflects creativity, curiosity, decisiveness, and responsibility.


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