Attendance Management Role in Increasing Employee’s Productivity  

Attendance management software plays a crucial role in boosting the productivity of your employees. An attendance management system helps you track your employees' working hours, including time offs, breaks, leaves, and departures. While some traditional companies still prefer recording their employees' working hours using conventional or outdated methods, such as attendance registers or spreadsheets, a lot of forward-thinking companies prefer using attendance management tools to automate the process of attendance management.

An efficient attendance management system serves a spectrum of purposes to help you thrive in your niche.

  • It allows you to keep tabs on the punctuality and productivity of your employees;
  • Records the exact time your employees enter or leave their work premises;
  • Helps you identify employees that arrive late at work or leave work early without permission or prior approval;
  • Simplifies the process of calculating employees' wages; and
  • Tracks your employees' sick leaves/off days.

A robust attendance management system is extremely beneficial for companies that have salaried employees or employees working on an hourly basis. It is also an essential tool for IT companies having employees working in shifts.

How does an Attendance Management System Enhance Employee Productivity?

Now that you are aware of the importance of an attendance management solution let's elucidate how the software enhances your employees' productivity.

Remote Access: A cloud-based attendance management system can be accessed by your remotely located employees as well as your HR team from any corner of the globe. Thus, the software is extremely helpful for companies having remote workers. What's more, the remote access feature also adds the much required transparency to your payroll and attendance tracking system.

Moreover, unlike traditional attendance tracking systems, modern attendance management systems allow your employees to track their attendance on their smartphones as well as PCs. It also allows your employees to track how many paid leaves they have. Plus, the software also makes it easy for employees to apply for leaves right through the software and check if their leave application has been approved by their team leader or HR manager.

Prevents  Overpayment and Underpayment

A powerful attendance tracker comes with a billing software that allows you to calculate the salary of each employee with precision, thus keeping overpayment and underpayment at bay.  A company must keep both overpayment and underpayment of wages in check as these payroll mistakes can prove disastrous to you as well as your employees. Overpayment can cause huge losses to employers as they may find it tough to recoup the overpayment of wages. Underpayment, on the other hand, may end up causing morale issues in employees, thus, killing their productivity.

Tracks Employee Performance

Gone are the days when negative feedback was taken positively by employees. Nowadays, to keep your Millennial workforce happy and engaged in your organization, you need to give them constant constructive feedback about their performance and encourage them to improve in the areas where they are weak. That's why forward-thinking companies nowadays prefer employee performance programs over employee appraisal programs, as the latter mainly focuses on pointing out the shortcomings or weaknesses of employees.

An efficient attendance management system comes with employee performance management features for boosting employees' productivity. Performance management features can help you or your company's HR managers to monitor or improve employees' performance at individual as well as team levels. It also enhances employee engagement by allowing your workforce to take charge of their professional goals. Thus, if you want a profitable and productive business, you need to perk up your performance management approach.

Discipline, Punctuality and Time Management

Attendance tracking software brings discipline in your company in many ways. Companies that have embraced an efficient attendance management system, have successfully instilled the sense of discipline and punctuality amongst their workforce for enhancing productivity and profitability.

Attendance management is an essential component of effective employee discipline. For example, when an employee arrives at work on time, they can carry out their tasks in a timely and organized manner, which in turn enhances punctuality, as well as professionalism among your team members. On the other hand, if an employee of a specific department shows up late at work, it may affect the work ethics of other employees as well. Consequently, other employees may also follow suit and start the trend of reporting late at work. Such irresponsible behavior ends up hurting employee collaboration and coordination, thus, affecting their quality of work. Only an attendance management software can help companies adhere to principles such as mutual support, organizational commitment, and taking more responsibility at work.

Simplifies Calculations

The attendance management system automates the complex and time-consuming calculation process of variable pay components, as well as overtime pay calculations, thus minimizing the chances of discrepancies and human errors.

Additionally, the best attendance tracking systems come with time billing software for supporting companies that offer professional services to clients. To make use of this feature, you need to insert your employees' name into the system with custom billing rates. As soon as an employee enters the number of hours spent on completing a specific project, the software calculates the total costs so that you can bill the client soon after the completion of a project. Some attendance tracking systems also facilitate remote data entry to add to the convenience of consultants on the move.

Eliminates Paperwork

Gone are the days when conventional attendance management systems, such as huge attendance registers, leave ledgers, or excel sheets, were used for maintaining employee attendance. With the advent of attendance management software, more and more companies are bidding adieu to the time-consuming traditional ways of managing attendance. Attendance tracking software allows you to calculate attendance, leaves, and employee productivity instantaneously. It also helps you go paperless and follow the path of sustainability.

Considering the factors cited above, we can conclude that time tracking software goes a long way towards improving your organization's efficiency and productivity.


The Bottom Line

In the era of aggressive HR digital evolution, the importance of a flexible employee attendance management system cannot be denied. Thus, if you want to keep a tab on the productive hours of your employees, and help your HR team make the best use of the software, you should consider investing in a dynamic attendance tracking software.


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