Attracting and Keeping New Clients

Attracting and keeping good clients take consistent effort. Big businesses and small businesses alike need constant communication with customers to attract new clientele, create loyalty and keep them coming back for more.  Growing your roster requires a marketing strategy that keeps you in the face of your ideal client often.  Major corporations understand this concept. Can you recall day you didn’t see a McDonald’s commercial or hear one on the radio? Unless you’re completely unplugged from media, chances are you’ve seen/heard something about the restaurant.

Consistent marketing is one of the key ways to attract new clients. Luckily, you don’t have to break your budget to market. Here’s 5 tried and true ways to attract new clients and keep the old ones.

  • 1. Build your list with your ideal client: The most cost-effective, efficient way to market is through email. Since almost everyone has an email address, your goal should be to collect as many as you can from your ideal clients. Accumulate a list of people who want to hear from you, like your products or are at the least, interested in what you have to offer.

The next time you speak at a live event, ask the audience to join your list.  Add an irresistible offer to your website. Everyone loves a free gift. If yours is enticing, visitors will gladly trade you their email address. Do you have a lot of friends on social media? Draw them into a closer relationship with you by sending them to your site to check out that free offer.

  • 2.  Create brief yet enticing literature. Sometimes mixing new marketing methods with the old tried and true ones can increase your visibility. Help people get to know you better by providing a one-page handout that you can share anywhere at anytime.  Make sure it is easy to read, includes all important information and is written in a way that make people want to call you. Last year, we handed out 10,000 mini flyers to local businesses to promote my upcoming conference. As a result, we connected with many new people, grew our email list and increased conference ticket sales by 15 percent.

The next time you’re out, pick up a few business handouts and examine them. Check out the language used, how the company explains what it does, special offers, etc. Then create your own.

  • 3.   Ask your best clients for referrals.  The best time to ask customers for referrals is when they are giving you raving reviews. If they love your product or service, they will gladly tell others. Just ask! Establish a policy to ALWAYS ask, “Do you know of others who may want to use our services?”
  • 4.    Hand out business cards everyday.  Every time you hand out a card, you have just activated another conversation about your business. Design an outstanding business card that makes people want to inquire more about you and your business. Ask a thought-provoking question that draws people in.  For example, “Do you want to increase sales and attract new clients? Call now for a free strategy session.”

Since only so much can fit on the card, make it easy for people to find out more about you by adding a QR code. Prospects can quickly and easily scan the code to reach your website, a promotional video or anything you’d like to share that provides more insight about your services.

Set a goal to handout 10 business cards each day. Tell the people that you meet about your services. Ask them to pass your card along to others that may you’re your services. Don’t be shy when it comes to talking about your business. Develop a quick description of what you do and rehearse it so that you’re not fumbling over your words when sharing with others.

  • 5. Follow up with past clients. Always remember, the fortune is in the follow up. Your past clients and customers are more likely to shop with you again. Give them a special offer, let them know about new product or services and keep in touch by sending out weekly newsletters and emails.  If it has been a while since you’ve last contacted them, send an email with the subject line: “We’ve missed you!” In the email share your updates, provide incentives and invite them back to your business!

 This guest post is courtesy of Stacia Pierce the CEO of Ultimate Lifestyle EnterprisesPierce is life coach, career expert and the CEO of Ultimate Lifestyle Enterprises based in Orlando, FL. Stacia is committed to empowering women around the world to live their dream life and excel in their dream career. She’s affectionately known as the whole-life coach because she helps you tighten the unraveled loose ends of your life and discover your true self so you can give one hundred percent to your career, family and personal life. She has contributed to various national media outlets and hosts an annual conference, The Women’s Success Conference, which attracts over 5,000 women annually. Stacia was also a top winner on Oprah’s OWN Network contest with 7.6 million votes. 

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