Top Marketing Tools You Must Use to Become a Smart Marketer

In this fast-paced world, if you really wish to become a smart marketer then it is important for you to use some really good marketing tools which will make you more efficient and help you do more in less time. These tools also help you connect with your audience in a better way.

So without further ado, let’s see what are some of the best tools available in the market which will make you a smart marketer:

  1. Venngage


Make infographics that people love with Venngage and present your data or tell your stories with them. Creating infographics can be done in just 3 easy steps- choose a template, add visuals and charts, and customize your infographic design. Infographics make processes and data memorable and accessible. You can choose from 100+ infographic templates available on Venngage. It helps you convert your visitors into customers with data-driven results and compelling visuals.


  1. Google Analytics


Google Analytics helps you get a deeper understanding of your customers. It gives you the free tools that you need to analyze data for your business in just one place. It helps you evaluate the performance of your products, content, marketing, and more. Its machine learning capabilities and unique insights help you get the most of your data.


  1. Buffer


Buffer is one of the best tools for marketing teams and businesses. It makes it easy for them to manage all their accounts, analyze performance, and schedule posts all in one place. Instead of going to six different networks, you can simply check your analytics and schedule content in just one place. Buffer publishes your content and posts automatically as per your posting schedule. You can also use the analytics to see your social media performance and improve your results with the help of it.


  1. MailChimp


Become the brand you dream of with this smarter marketing tool built for you. MailChimp does more than you can think of. It connects your favorite tools, optimizes all your efforts, automates your busy work, and creates unique campaigns for you. You do not need any prior technical knowledge to use MailChimp. Its design tools make it easy for you to create marketing campaigns that help your business flourish even more.


  1. Quuu


Quuu is a social media marketing tool on autopilot. It helps you grow your social media following through relevant hand-curated content suggestions. Content curation grows your following, boosts engagement, and establishes thought leadership. The team at Quuu spends hours hand-picking and reviewing content for you to share so that you don’t have to. Over 40,000 users trust Quuu to manage their social media content.


  1. Crazy Egg


Crazy Egg is a website optimization tool that helps you improve the user experience. Make your customers happy and generate higher revenue. The tool is like a pair of x-ray glasses that lets you see what exactly visitors are doing on your website. It takes snapshots as visual reports and lets you know how the visitors are engaging with your web pages. They are easy to run and just a ‘snap’ away. Some of its features include:

  • Segment clicks by metrics
  • See the highest areas of click activity
  • Slice and dice insights
  • Find call-to-action sweet spot


  1. Crowdfire


Crowdfire helps you optimize your Twitter account. You can engage with your fans and followers, unfollow inactive accounts, keep an eye on your competitor’s followers, and follow the right people with the help of it. Automatically discover images and articles that your audience will love. Share them to all your social profiles and keep your timeline buzzing. It also helps you create quick, beautiful posts and keep an eye out for updates from your online shops, blog or website.


  1. Zotabox

Boost your sales with 15+ free marketing tools available with Zotabox. Its high-quality, on-site marketing tools comprise contact forms, popups, promo bars, social buttons, and many more in just one convenient package. Its tools are integrated with 5+ email service providers, 5+ e-commerce platforms, and 10+ social networks.


  1. Viral Content Bee


Viral Content Bee is a web-based platform that makes use of a crowd-sourcing model in order to facilitate the generation of REAL social buzz on quality content. It helps you to get Tweets and Facebook likes from established social media accounts which are outside of your normal social media channels. This gives your content REAL social signals and keeps the sharing organic.


  1. BuzzSumo


Analyze what content performs best for any competitor or topic with BuzzSumo. It helps you find the key influencers to promote your content. It also lets you track which topics are duds and what’s hot on your social media. You can find out what your audience love with just a few keyword searches and draft new ideas for your content or blog posts on the basis of that.

I hope this curation helped! Not every tool does the same thing, different tools come with different set of functionalities, therefore, you must choose them considering your goals and marketing strategies. Also, I know there are other good tools as well which I haven’t mentioned here. If you know about them or have used any apart from these, then share them with me in the comments below.

Have a great day!


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