How Could Rich Answers Impact SEO?

In case you are not too familiar with the SEO world, the concept of rich answers would be pretty puzzling to you. But trust me you are pretty much aware of the concept. Every time you are searching Google looking for answers to your questions, Google comes up with a direct response, instead of forcing you to scrutinize the entries on the search engine results page. For instance, if you ask a question such as ‘on what date Declaration of Independence was signed?’ you get a direct answer July 4, 1776. Or if you put in a query like ‘The Jungle Book’ you will see a breakdown giving a full description of the movie. These are instances of rich answers. Basically speaking, rich answers are Google’s way of giving its users access to direct information.

The Growing Significance of Rich Answers

Rich answers are becoming increasingly important. These entries initiated as simple answers to user objective queries such as unit conversions or math equations, but today it has extended to other areas and that too, at a phenomenal rate. The previous year alone witnessed an incredible increase in their frequency by almost 9 percent. It is being forecasted that the growth would most likely be continuing or increasing during the coming few years. It is pretty evident that Google has concentrated its investments heavily on this particular strategy and there are absolutely no signs of decelerating.

Boost in Visibility

Google does not play any role in making up the rich answers. Instead, it depends primarily on external information sources for feeding appropriate material for answering specific user queries. For instance, if you look for questions like ‘why did dinosaurs disappear?’ you would be getting a rich snippet. It would be the answer comprising a few sentences that have been taken out from some article that appeared on If you could be a good source, Google would be turning to you for suitable answers. This would ensure additional brand visibility.

How could you enhance your opportunities of being featured as rich answers? Firstly, you must come up with the perfect answer. Your answer should be appropriate, relevant, concise and detailed too. Your domain authority should be extraordinarily robust and also your individual page should be authoritative and convincing as well. Moreover, your page should be using proper micro formatting. This is necessary so that Google could easily understand and precisely index your material. You could use numerous kinds of Schema micro formatting including events, places, and people. You must use it in most places for maximizing your opportunities of being consulted by Google’s famous Knowledge Graph System. Find a good New York SEO firm for all your SEO solutions.

Practices for Guaranteed Success

  • Reduce your reliance on the so-called common question content. Until recently, the top on-site content used to be matter or content that could answer common user queries. Now Google effectively provides answers to those common user queries directly, so you must look for alternative content forms for comprising a major part of your strategy.
  • Boost micro formatting usage. Micro formatting in conjugation with most efficient content practices and conventional search engine optimization would be helpful in boosting direct visibility in rich answers. Make the most of that fact.
  • Use all your means to stay visible. Never consider SEO to be your sole medium for online visibility. You must get involved in complementary strategies such as guest posting, as well as, social media marketing, especially for inbound traffic.


Rich answers are here to stay. The more meticulously and sooner you get ready for their authority and supremacy in search engine results page, the more your specific brand stands to be profited. It is at present, quite evident that rich answers would be growing consistently in dynamic new ways. Google would be striving to provide rich answers to all user queries. So you should not be surprised to see rich answers in response to sophisticated user queries in the years to come.

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