How to Utilize Technology to Enhance the Customer Experience

Tremendous technological advances in the past few years have left us with no choice but to embrace the good of it and merge it with our day to day activities. With their countless advantages, we can now be able to integrate it into our businesses to expand our service offerings, improve our profit margins, and, most importantly, improve our customer experiences to keep them coming back for more. This article highlights several ways of providing the ultimate customer experience.

Using virtual reality

Ever since the discovery, virtual reality technology use is steadily increasing precisely in the business world. VR allows customers to interact with products and immerses them into a world where they can experience the different services you have to offer without actually being there or physically touching it. There are two main ways in which it is currently being used; offering VR product demos and virtual e-Learning. Virtual Reality product demos allow customers to test a product and judge its appearance in the virtual world before placing an order which prevents returns in shipping and makes sure you nail their expectations. The latter, on the other hand, facilitates training of its employees in providing better customer service by placing them in large virtual crowds to practice their skills to provide better customer experience.


Analysis of feedback from customers

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As the famous saying goes, the customer is always right. There isn’t any more valuable tool for improvement in a business other than customer feedback. With the integration of technology, there are various channels that we can get this information from. Social media is an essential tool where customers get to express their likes and dislikes, comment on issues, or even ask questions. However, going through each and every query in a limited time frame might be a considerable task, particularly for a big company. Artificial Intelligence feedback analysis systems bridge this gap. AI performs an analysis of the thousands of texts and groups them in common keywords like poor service and allows you to reach back to the customers and hopefully improve on their customer experience in the future.

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Use of location-based Computing

With most companies now operating internationally, location information from their customers, which is provided on their mobile phones, is becoming an essential tool for them to continue providing their services in a more personalized way. Location information can be taken advantage of in the following ways; navigation services and promos. Through navigation, customers can now be precisely guided to the nearest store effortlessly and see the products offered in that store, which saves vast chunks of time. Finally, through location-based promos, businesses can provide them concerning services that are near the user like cinemas or shopping vouchers, which significantly improves the customer experience.

Use of chatbots

Chatbots are programs that you can have a conversation with mimicking human-like responses in discussions. They have been widely used for their vast array of benefits, like offering 24-hour support for customers. This comes in handy, especially for businesses that have customers globally in different time zones. Additionally, they are highly convenient in that you don’t have to be put on hold on phone calls or incur additional rates charged and can be accessed in a variety of machines. Finally, they are quite easy to use, therefore improving the customer experience.

Taking advantage of the Internet of things (IoT)

IoT, in the simplest of terms, refers to the network of interconnecting computing devices like smartwatches and smartphones that have an IP address through the internet. The integration of these devices produces large amounts of data that could be collected to provide useful information for the benefit of the customer experience. A good example is the exercising apps that are found on mobile phones that do not require you to take your phone with you all the time, but only your watch to collect the data. Insights on the customer patterns and behavior, such as the total steps the customer can run in a day, can be used to set daily or weekly targets, which dramatically refines the user experience.

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Riding on this new technological wave can prove to be very helpful as the customer demands are increasing every day. Doing so will help you compete favorably and even have the edge over your rivals in this ever-competitive age.



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Conor O’Flynn, Commercial Director of O’Flynn Medical who are one of Ireland’s biggest healthcare equipment providers. They provide healthcare advice and services to both the commercial and private sector.

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